[Update] Live Tank Destroyer Discussion on Sept. 24!

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Please tune-in on our new date, Wednesday, September 23 Thursday, September 24 at 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET for the first meeting of CAVS!

What's "CAVS?"

It stands for Chieftain's Armored Vehicle Society!

Mark your calendars! Our very own Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran hosts author Harry Yeide, as the two engage in a live Twitch and YouTube discussion of Yeide's The Tank Killers: A History of America's World War II Tank Destroyer Force, complete with Q&A session.

In addition to a greater understanding of tank destroyers, event viewers will also have a chance to add a U.S. Premium one to their Garages via our giveaway. Prize vehicles include the following:


VI T78  

VII M56 Scorpion  

For more on the featured book, please see the following link:

The Tank Killers on Amazon