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World of Tanks Blitz: Now on Android!


World of Tanks Blitz is now storming the entire mobile gaming market! Update 1.5, which went live last week, saw the global release of the game on Android devices. Now the immense community of Android gamers can join their iOS allies and take the battlefield wherever they are!

Be sure to check our Support site's full list of compatible Android devices before you download the game for free!





Additional Features of the New “British Steel” Update

British Steel, as its name suggests, sees the first new nation added to the game – the United Kingdom. The first line of British tanks takes World of Tanks Blitz players from the humble Medium I to the mighty FV4202.

A major new feature is the Crew Skills system, which works slightly differently to that in the PC game. The update also brings a new map, Winter Malinovka, and numerous improvements to the game.

As they say in World of Tanks Blitz: Mobilize!