August 2021 Preview: Dog (& Cat) Days of Summer

It's the last full month of summer and we've packed the 31 days with tons of events! In addition to our ongoing Battle Pass, Global Map, and Referral Program, Frontline returns with a 2021 edition. We've also got some stunning surprises you won't want to miss! It's also the month of International Cat and Dog Day, and we've got special customization packages filled with brand-new feline- and canine-themed Decals and Camouflage (please see "August Premium Shop & In-Game Offers" for dates)!

The following schedule is by no means complete or comprehensive so make sure to check and watch our weekly video series, "WoT's Next," for the latest updates and news.


  • April 27–August 27 (ongoing): Referral Program 2.0
  • June 22–September 6 (ongoing): Battle Pass
  • July 20–August 31 (ongoing): Prime Gaming
  • July 26–August 9 (ongoing): Global Map
  • August 16–23: Frontline 2021
  • August Month-long Events
  • August On Track Missions
  • August Premium Shop & In-Game Offers
  • August Weekend Special Missions
April 27–August 27 (ongoing): Referral Program 2.0

Season 7 ends August 27!

Recruit your friends during the latest Season of Referral Program 2.0, which wraps-up near the end of this month! Two (2) glorious new Premium reward vehicles (the M4A1 Revalorisé and T-34-85M) will help you dominate the battlefield and farm tons of Credits along the way.

Referral Program 2.0: Season 7

June 22–September 6 (ongoing): Battle Pass

Season V

The three-month Season comprises three Chapters, and each has 50 consecutive Stages. Tons of rewards are on the line for each Stage you complete, including a new piece of Bounty Equipment, up to three fresh progressive styles, and unique crew members!

Battle Pass: Season V

July 20–August 31 (ongoing): Prime Gaming

Fresh Look

Summer is in full swing, so there’s no better time to try out a Fresh Look on the battlefield with this month's Prime Gaming drop! Claim it to get one of three sleek 2D styles, courtesy of the guys at Shells & Sprays (the official World of Tanks custom shop), to apply to any vehicle you like.


July 26–August 9 (ongoing): Global Map


A powerful Thunderstorm is on Global Map: Challenge the top Clans, dominate the battlefield, and earn one of six high-performing Tier X reward vehicles and a host of other prizes. Join intense battles and fight hard for exclusive rewards!


August 16–23: Frontline 2021

Stage 1

Frontline, one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks, returns with several adjustments. It features a reworked Combat Reserves system, is closely integrated with Battle Pass, and Tier IX vehicles are allowed in a trial format.


August Month-long Events

Salute Mission and Weekly Watcher Drops

  • Aug. 1–31: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members
  • Aug. 1–31: Weekly Watcher Drops. Free items added to your game account in exchange for watching official World of Tanks streams on our Twitch Channel. The more consecutive weeks you watch, the more bonuses you earn for upkeeping your streak!
August On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X vehicles! Our On Track missions each last last one month. August features a Chinese light, Japanese heavy, and Soviet medium tank.

  • July 20–Aug. 20 (ongoing): On Track to the T-100 LT
  • Aug. 5–Sept. 5: On Track to the K-91
  • Aug. 20–Sept. 20: On Track to the Type 5 Heavy 


August Premium Shop & In-Game Offers

Noteworthy offers

August Weekend Special Missions

Earn sweet bonuses in special missions

  • Aug. 6–9: ×2 Crew XP and Special Missions
  • Aug. 13–16: ×3 XP and Special Missions
  • Aug. 19–22: ×2 Crew XP and Special Missions
  • Aug. 27–30: ×1.5 XP and Special Missions