Learn how to track your rating, view ratings of other players, and check the rating history over the past seven days.


My Rating

To view your position in the ratings, log in to the portal:

  1. Click “log in”.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Click Log in again.


The information displayed varies depending on your current rating status.

In Rating

If you are in the rating, the following data is displayed in the information area:

  • Your current position
  • The number of lower rated players

To view your position in the rating chart, click “Go to your position”.

Your position in the rating chart is highlighted in orange.

To view your rating in another category, click a category name in the Category panel. See Rating Categories.

To view your rating for another period, click a period name in the Rating Period panel. See Rating Periods.

The Dynamics Index reflects the change to a player position over the previous day. See Dynamics Index.


If several players have the same score, the higher rating is assigned to the player whose account was created earlier.

Not in Rating

If you are not in the rating, a message appears in the information area.

The number of battles left to fight is specified for the overall period only.

The ratings are updated each night. The rating chart displays player results from the previous day; all achievements from today will be included in the ratings tomorrow.

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Ratings of Other Players

Besides tracking your own achievements, Hall of Fame allows you to view other player ratings.

Player Search

To find a player in Hall of Fame, enter the player name in the search box and click Search. The player position in the rating chart is highlighted in grey.

Use only in-game player names to search for players.

If the player is not in the rating, the player name appears in the “Not in Rating” section.

  • Start entering a player name in the search box. Assistive input provides a list of player names matching the search criteria.
  • If no matches found, check the player name entered.

To start a new search:

  1. Click Clear.
  2. Enter a new player name.
  3. Click Search.

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Friends and Clan Members Filters

To see the ratings of your friends or clan members, apply one of the filters:

  • All. Use to view the rating of all players. The filter All is selected by default.
  • Friends. Use to view the rating of your friends.
  • My Clan. Use to view the rating of your clan members.


Filters are available to logged in players only.

To view the rating of your friends or clan members, switch between filters.

To change the rating period, click a rating period name. See Rating Periods.

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Rating History

Hall of Fame stores the rating history for the past seven days.

To view the rating history for a certain date:

  1. On the Hall of Fame page, click the rating date.
  2. Select a date. The ratings are displayed for the date selected.




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