Season 1 




Little Timmy is new to World of Tanks, but for all the fun he's having, he still has much to learn... in between being blown up. Watch Timmy be an effective (or not so effective) teammate in this series of informative videos!














Episode 7: Blocking Allies

Timmy's Tips

  • Be a team player; treat your allies the way you’d like to be treated
  • Don't intentionally park behind an ally –- the more guns in the fight, the greater your chance of success 
  • Even in close quarters, space is helpful. Make sure you and your teammates have some wiggle room!




Previous Episodes

Episode 1: Running Straight Out There

Timmy's Tips

  • Resist the urge to rush through open spaces; the enemy can be lurking behind every obstacle!
  • Rely on allies to spot the enemy and minimize your exposure to enemy fire
  • Pay attention to combat hot zones and move through them tactically

Episode 2: Take Cover

Timmy's Tips

  • Just because you can't see the enemy, doesn't mean they can't see you!
  • If a volley of enemy fire begins coming your way from out of nowhere -- hide!
  • Be aware of your surroundings! It's always a safe bet to hide behind cover to avoid detection and enemy fire

Episode 3: Use Foliage

Timmy's Tips

  • Firing your gun can often reveal your position! Improve your chance to survive by shooting behind foliage
  • Survey the battlefield while concealed and spot the enemy when they can't see you
  • Use this cover to take an early shot and move before the enemy knows what hit 'em!

Episode 4: Being Greedy

Timmy's Tips

  • Just because the enemy made a small gain after a reckless assault doesn’t mean you should
  • Beware getting tunnel vision in sniper view -- zooming in can help your aiming, but it can also hinder your awareness
  • Don't risk your HP trying to finish off a weakened enemy

Episode 5: Use Consumables

Timmy's Tips

  • Consumables can be the difference between survival and destruction, don't go into battle without them!
  • Choose the option "Resupply automatically" so that you're never left stranded in battle unprepared
  • There are several different consumables, but you can only equip three at a time; choose thoughtfully based on your vehicle and play style

Episode 6: Flanking

Timmy's Tips

  • Look for moments where you can sneak around a firefight and hit the enemy from the side or rear
  • Practically every vehicle is weakest in the rear, so even low-penetration or low-velocity shots may deal notable damage
  • Stay aware during shootouts and watch out for enemies that could be flanking you, too!