Screaming around the map, causing mischief wherever they can, light tanks are the terrors of the battlefield. Lightly armed and armored, they harass the enemy at every turn rather than confronting them head on. They're often the advanced scouts, the eyes and ears of the team.They run circles around the slow moving behemoths.

They're the backfield guardians that keep enemy vehicles from singling out allied artillery. Light tanks are the ninjas that capture the enemy base when they least expect it. Guerrilla tactics are light tanks' forte, and they revel in keeping the enemy team on the backfoot.



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Speedy and nimble compared to larger vehicles

Small, low-profile target that is easier to hide

Excellent view range


Pursue lightly-armored or stationary vehicles (tank destroyers and artillery)

Use your speed in a scouting role

Capture the enemy base or return quickly to defend your own


Thin armor is easily penetrated

Can absorb very little overall damage before destruction

Relatively weak weapon


Anything with a hard-hitting gun or enough ramming inertia

Being "tracked" (immobilized) by enemy fire or careless driving

Confining avenues where mobility is limited