Gifting via Premium Shop

You have a great opportunity to make your friends happy with welcome presents, including exclusive or Premium tanks and a lovely amount of Gold.

You may choose various gift packages in the World of Tanks Premium Shop.

After purchasing a gift, your friend will receive an email notification about the gift receipt. The list of gifts will be available in the "My Gifts" section of the recipient’s World of Tanks Account Management page.

A recipient may accept a gift or refuse it. If a recipient does not respond within 30 days, the gift will be refused automatically. In case of a gift refusal, it will be transferred to the giver’s account.

If a recipient already has a gift package tank, she or he is entitled to a compensation of a current in-game tank cost in Gold, which will be credited to their account automatically.

WARNING! If a recipient accepts a gift, and a giver asks for a refund (for example, cancels the bank transaction), the total gift package cost will be deducted from the gift recipient’s account. If an account has insufficient funds it will be blocked until sufficient funds are acquired. Do not accept gifts from strangers.

For more comprehensive instructions on using the Premium Shop, click here.

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