Ongoing Events

Every day in World of Tanks is full of awesome events that will earn you great stuff, like Premium tanks, consumables, equipment, and more! 

Tank Mastery

Each Friday, we pick a number of tanks for you to "master." Achieve an Ace Tanker Mastery Badge* in any of the tanks during the event for 6x special "Ace"emblems to flaunt!

*Ace Tanker Mastery Badge: Earn more Base Experience in a single battle than the average highest Experience of 99% of all players in the same tank within the last seven days. Simply put, just try and beat the average!

On Track

On Track events help you quickly unlock and purchase entire vehicle lines of a particular nation. If a line is On Track, that means substantial discounts on listed vehicles all the way to tier X! Plus, you have the chance to earn a Premium light tank!