Crew Training & Qualifications

Each World of Tanks crew member holds a special position in a tank. There are five unique roles: a Commander, a Driver, a Loader, a Gunner and a Radio Operator.

Each vehicle can vary in the number of crew members inside it and the roles that they are assigned. World of Tanks vehicles have 2-6 crew members. No vehicle in World of Tanks can operate without a complete crew. Through battles, a crew will gain experience the same way vehicles will, and over time crewmen will improve their vehicle operating level, and later, acquire new ones. Initially, all tankers have only 50% training level. The better the outcome of the battle is, the more experience your tankers get. And getting to 100% crew skill is the easiest method to increase overall vehicle performance.

The crew training process can be accelerated at any time. When purchasing a new tank, one can get it with 100% trained crew. Thus, your tankers will do their best since first battle!

In order to get crew with training level of 100%, choose Tank Academy, when buying a new tank:

Attention! Tank Academy training is purchased with Gold.

If you want to train an existing crew member, all you need to do is to select the vehicle, right-click on the specified tanker and open his Personal File in the menu:


In Personal File, click on the Training tab and choose Tank Academy ("100%") training (costs Gold), thereby increasing the tanker’s major qualification level up to 100%. The same can be done to the rest of the tank crew.

If you're going to sell a tank and to buy a new one, but do not want to lose the skilled crew, the crew can be retrained from one vehicle to another. Of course, in this case you must take into account the nationality of tankers. Thus, Soviet tankers would not fit into German or American tanks and vice versa.

In order to retrain you soldiers, send them to barracks before you sell the tank: select the tank and click on the tankers, in the pop-up menu, select Send to Barracks (the same should be done to the rest of the crew):

After that, you can sell the tank and buy a new one, putting a mark on Buy the tank without crew note because you already have soldiers in the barracks. Click on Barracks tab and right-click on the required tanker. Select Training tab in his Personal File and specify the desired tank for this soldier:

Then select the level of training (Rapid Courses, Regimental School or Tank Academy) and click on Retrain. Same should be done to each tanker that you pick up for the new tank crew.

Please, pay attention to the following notes:
  • When you retrain the tankers from one vehicle to another, they lose part of major qualification experience;
  • The major qualification can not be changed (for example, a radio operator can not become a gunner on the new tank, as well as a loader can not become a commander).
  • If a tanker gets 100% training level of the major qualification, he is able to learn additional skills: Firefighting, Repair and Camouflage (later on the list of additional skills will be expanded).
Besides that, bear in mind that you can extend the barracks at any time, again for an extra cost of Gold:

Make your crew 100% effective and smash the enemy on the battlefields of World of Tanks!