Ranked Battles

Tired of looking for a worthy adversary? Gear up for Ranked Battles—a competitive mode for seasoned players to clash against the most formidable opponents with its due rewards.

The Ranked Battle mode is based on Standard Battle rules, features an XP-based matchmaking, and is only available for Tier X vehicles. You start with no rank and level up by securing victories and collecting chevrons.

Ranked Battle key features

  • Tier X vehicles only
  • Standard Battle rules
  • Rank-based matchmaking
  • Seasonal availability
Tier X vehicles only

You can participate in Ranked Battles in only Tier X vehicles. Use filters to quickly find the right vehicles.

Standard Battle rules

Just like Standard Battles, the Ranked Battle rules are:

  • Battle format: 15×15
  • Objective: capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles
  • Battle duration: up to 15 minutes
  • Maps: Mines, Prokhorovka, Abbey, El Halluf, Airfield, Malinovka, Himmelsdorf, Murovanka, Paris, Karelia, Lakeville, Siegfried Line, Sand River, Arctic Region, Tundra, Ensk, Westfield, Fisherman's Bay, Highway, Serene Coast, Windstorm, Fjords, Pilsen
Rank-based matchmaking

Players are matched according to their ranks, which are earned for effective performance in battle.

Each team gets players of the same rank. If this isn’t possible, the matchmaker generates rosters with players of different ranks, but of equal value, i.e. each player has an opponent of the same rank.

Seasonal availability

The Ranked Battle mode is available only during a special time period called a season.

To engage in a Ranked Battle: 

  1. Select Ranked Battle in the drop-down menu next to the Battle! button.
  2. Choose a Tier X vehicle.
  3. Click Battle! 


All battles take place only during Prime Time. Hover over Ranked Battle in the drop-down menu next to the Battle! button to see the Prime Time schedule.


You can find all the information about your progress, Ranked Battle schedule, rules, and rewards on the Ranked Battle screen:

  1. Select Ranked Battle in the drop-down menu next to the Battle! button.
  2. Click the Ranked Battle widget under the Battle! button.


Like many other competitions, the Ranked Battle mode isn’t available all the time: you can participate in Ranked Battles only during a special time period called a season. Each season lasts 21 days.

Follow the official portal news to learn when the next season begins. If the season start date is already known, it is displayed in the Battle Mode menu under Ranked Battle .


The main objective of Ranked Battles is to earn ranks. The more battles you win and the more XP you earn, the higher the ranks and the bigger the rewards you get.

The overall number of ranks that can be earned are 15. Once reached, Ranks 1 and 15 are permanent, so you’ll never lose them.
Additionally, Ranks 5, 10, and 13 grant temporary “shields”, letting you keep your Rank, even if you end up on a losing team:

  •   Rank 5 allows 3 losses
  • Rank 10 allows 2 losses
  • Rank 13 allows 1 loss

Thus, the defense capacity of a shield will fall with each battle you lose a Chevron, but if you earn a chevron, it will be fully restored.


To earn a rank you need to collect a certain number of chevrons. The number of chevrons required differs for different ranks: the higher the rank, the more chevrons you need to collect.

For the most part, one battle victory equals one chevron. When you collect enough chevrons, you are promoted to the next rank. However, when you lose a battle, you’re likely to lose a chevron too, and in some cases even end up losing a rank.

That’s how chevrons can be earned and lost: 

At the end of each battle, chevrons are given to the ten best players of the winning team and to the single best player on the losing team. However, if you reach the top 3 in a winning team, you will get an extra chevron. If you end up in the bottom 5 of a defeated team, you will lose one chevron.

All other post-battle positions will let you remain with the same number of chevrons and have another go in the next fight. This will allow the best players to advance in Rank faster, giving an extra incentive to win.

If a battle ends in a draw, both teams are losing teams and get the respective chevron treatment.

Rank Points

You receive Rank Points for each promotion to the next rank. If you earned a rank, lost it, and then earned it again, you do not receive Rank Points for this rank.

Once you reach Rank 15, it's time for your vehicles to do the work: every time your machine earns 5 chevrons, you get one extra rank point coupled with 25 bonds, until the chase comes to a close.

The number of Rank Points earned by the end of the season determines if you become one of the Season Leaders and ultimately enter one of the prize leagues.

The number of Rank Points that you earn for each rank may differ from season to season, so check the official portal news for detailed information and values.

Season Leaders

The most skilled, tough, and experienced tankers of Ranked Battles become Season Leaders. Your place on the Season Leaders leaderboard is defined by Rank Points: the more points you earn, the higher your position among other players.

To get yourself on the leaderboard, you need to earn at least 5 Rank Points, which means reaching Rank 5.

You can check your position on the leaderboard both in the game client and on our website.

When the season is over, the top 50% of the Season Leaders join three prize leagues, from League I to League III.

League I League II League III Players in none
of the leagues
Top 10% of the
Season Leaders
Next 15% Next 25% Remaining 50%


If you enter one of the leagues, you get League rewards. It goes without saying that those who end up in League I reap the best rewards.


Every substantial effort in Ranked Battles is duly rewarded.

You get rewards for all prominent achievements: when you complete a mission, rise to the next rank, or ultimately enter one of the prize leagues.

Types of Rewards

Here is a list of rewards you can get in Ranked Battles.

  • Mission reward
  • Rank reward
  • League reward
Mission reward

  • Received for completing a special Ranked Battle mission.
Rank reward

  • Received for rising to the next rank.
  • The higher the rank, the better the reward.
  • If you earned a rank, lost it, and then earned it again, you receive no reward for the second time.
League reward

  • Received for entering one of the prize leagues.
  • Received several days after a season ends.
  • Three different rewards are granted for the three leagues. League I gets the best reward.
For detailed information about all rewards, go to the Ranked Battle screen and click Season Rewards.


 You can receive a range of different things as part of the reward:



  Personal reserves

  Premium Account time


  Vehicle slots




A badge is a unique decoration that you receive for participation in Ranked Battles and joining one of the prize leagues. Badges demonstrate your unbeaten results in Ranked Battles. They are displayed in the Garage and next to your name in all battles for everyone to see.

Three types of badges are awarded depending on the league you’ve entered.

Gold Badge Silver Badge Bronze Badge
League I League II League III
The number on a badge indicates the season when the badge was received.


For those who don’t want to show their mastery gamewide, badges can be disabled in the Player’s Account. Click your user name in the upper left corner of the Garage, and then click the badge slot.

Bonds and Goods for Bonds

Bonds are a special in-game currency that is used to purchase unique items: Improved equipment and directives.

Improved equipment

Improved equipment has the same effect as its “standard” version, but features a bigger bonus.

For example, the Coated Optics Standard equipment gives +10% to view range, whereas the Experimental Optics Improved equipment boasts +12.5% to view range.

You can purchase and demount Improved equipment using only bonds. Improved equipment is mounted into regular equipment slots, but it cannot be combined with the same version of Standard equipment.

Check this news article to learn more about Improved equipment.


Directives enhance mounted equipment or crew perks and skills. You can buy two types of directives: Equipment directives and Crew directives.

  • Equipment directives
  • Crew directives
Equipment directives

Equipment directives provide an additional bonus to mounted equipment.

For example, the Optical Calibration directive gives +2.5% to view range. So if you add this directive to the Coated Optics Standard equipment, you have +12.5% to view range in total. And if you enhance the Experimental Optics Improved equipment, you get an amazing +15% to view range.

Crew directives

Crew directives provide an additional bonus to trained perks and skills or work as a 100% trained perk or skill.

For example, the Increased Attention directive works as the Sixth Sense skill if you don’t have it or decreases skill activation time by 1 second if you already have it.

You can purchase directives using only bonds and cannot sell them. Directives are mounted into special slots and effective for one battle.

Read this news article to find out more about directives.