How to Convert Free XP to Crew XP

Give your Crews an advantage by converting your excess Free XP to Crew XP!

Many of you have mastered the World of Tanks battlefields and have stockpiled plenty of Experience (XP). Oftentimes, players take this XP and (with Gold) convert it to Free XP to unlock higher-Tier vehicles and modules. But what happens to all that Free XP when there isn't anything else to research? Use your Free XP and convert it to Crew XP for a specific Crew member!

How It Works

It's quite simple: Opening a Crew member's Personal File gives you the option to train that Crew member using Free XP.

In the Garage, open the Personal File of any Crew member. Look for "Skills and Perks," and click the nearby "Increase" button—this opens a mini window where you can exchange Free XP for Crew XP:

Please note:

  • Conversion cannot be undone or refunded!
  • Free XP that goes towards your Crews will go directly into a specific Crew member, and not the Crew as a whole
  • Free XP is converted at the regular rate of 1 unit of Free XP = 5 units of Crew XP (special rates may apply, however)

There's no need to carry a ton of extra Free XP anymore. Put all your hard-earned XP to use and give your Crews an added boost!

Crew Training: Don't Neglect It!

No matter your skill level, Crews play an important role by providing additional benefits to each one of your vehicles, often leading to the deciding factor in battle. Over time, they can add invaluable enhancements to vehicle ability! Couple this with the added Crew XP earned in Premium vehicles, and the new Free XP conversion, and well-trained Crews become even more valuable!