July 2016 Summer Tournaments

Summer is heating up with a bunch of cool tournaments in July. Whether you've never played a tournament before or you're an old hand, there's something for everyone.

1v1 Throwdowns

1v1 Throwdowns are the simplest tournaments to join; perfect if you've never played in a tournament before. Players face off in a one-on-one clash on Mittengard, so you can't rely on anyone but yourself! The winner of each group will earn 500, but even if you don't win, there's still plenty of prizes to go around. These tournaments will take place every Saturday at 14:00 PT and last for about an hour.

Registration is open for our first tournament of the month. All you need is a tier VII light tank and the will to win, so join now!

July 2: Light Throwdown


What is a Platournament? A Platoon tournament! A team of three can join a Platournament and practice communication and teamwork in battle (and of course, fight for a share of the Gold prize!). Platournaments are one-day tournaments that run every Tuesday and Thursday during July, so join the ones that work best for you. 

Even if you don't have a premade team, you can still play! Join in the Solo/Party registration and we will match you up with other players. Have fun, compete for Gold and maybe make some new friends...what could be better than that?

Registration is now open for July 5 and 7!

July 5: Early Platournament (battles begin at 15:30 PT)

July 5: Platournament (battles begin at 18:30 PT)

July 7: Early Platournament (battles begin at 15:30 PT)

July 7: Platournament (battles begin at 18:30 PT)

Summer Play Tournament

The Summer Play tournament is a multi-day tournament lasting the final two weeks of July. Teams of five will fight their way through three days of group stage, with only the top teams moving on to a single elimination playoff bracket! By the end of the month, there will only be one Champion of the Summer Play tournament. What does the Champion get, other than glory and e-fame? Each player will walk away with 10,000and the chance to battle a team from Wargaming America! If that team manages to defeat WGA they'll get a special prize!

Making it to the top is best, but they're not the only ones who will win something. Up to 75% of the teams that join will walk away with a prize. Stay tuned, registration will be open soontm.

Call to Arms

Call to Arms is a very special tournament - it focuses on Clans! If you're in a Clan or thinking about joining one, and you're searching for more competition, this is it. Grab your Clanmates and head to battle, or recruit a few "legionnaires" (players outside your Clan) and have some fun.

Just remember, this is a Clan tournament, so other than some credits for you, all the prizes go to the Clan.

The first Call to Arms registration is open! Choose to join Absolute or Champion matches and lead your team to victory!