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Third Campaign

The Third Campaign, "The Great War," consisted of  3 different stages, in which Clan members earned Fame Points and received special medals for showing exceptional prowess within each stage. The main prize of the Third Campaign was a choice between one of three special tanks: VK 72.01, M60, Object 907.

Campaign 3 Results


Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods was a Clan Wars event during September 2014.  Clans competed for Victory Points in order to win Gold prizes and players earned Fame Points to acquire the 112 Chinese heavy tank and T23E3 American medium tank. Special medals were awarded to players who successfully completed tasks associated with Asgard.

Twilight of the Gods Results


World on Fire

World on Fire was a Clan Wars event during May 2014 in which Clans could compete for Victory Points in order to win Gold prizes and achievements, and players could earn Fame Points in order to be the first to get T23E3 American Medium tanks on the North America servers.

World on Fire Results


Clan Wars Campaign 2

The Second Campaign consisted of three different stages. To win, clans had to earn the most Victory Points. Clan members could earn Fame Points and receive special medals for achieving certain goals within each stage, including defeating the Wargaming Clan. The main prize of the Second Campaign was the VK 72.01 tank.

Campaign 2 Results


Clan Wars Campaign 1

The First Campaign consisted of four different stages, each with its own name, specific rules and winner. Vehicles of all Tiers were used. Clans had the chance to prove their worth on the Global Map. Clans that performed well on the Global Map received a special Tier X Medium Tank that could not be researched in game.

Campaign 1 Results