Team: Mädchen und Panzer

Maidens! It is time we reveal ourselves to the world. Zhukov, the so-called 'hero' of the Soviet Union, have long oppressed the world in the name of Communism. We can no longer stand his atrocious acts and must resist further encroachment of worldwide socialism. Clad in our armor, armed with our lance and accompanied by our steel beasts, together, we will pave the way to liberty, justice and freedom! ... ... Or something like that... yeah... Ah screw this... Sume, pass the pipe well ya? *hic*

Captain: Queadluun

Captain's contact details: PM me on the forums.

Team status: accepted

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Team Roster
Atsuki_Kimidori Daigensui
LeoXiao LoweGear
Queadluun rednotdead
Battle Schedule
--- ---Siegfried Line
Mädchen und Panzer
--- ---Siegfried Line
Mädchen und Panzer
0: 3
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