This category contains all news regarding Clan Wars

Clan Tasks: New Challenges for Brothers in Arms

New missions and challenges for Clans are coming soon to the Global Map!

Clan Spotlight: Força Blindada Brasileira

Challenge -FBB- and WGA Clan members in Stronghold Skirmishes for your chance to win Gold!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Ghost Town

Bring out your tanks for a chance to win some serious Gold by playing on the recently added Ghost Town map.

Clan Wars Civil War Begins

Will history repeat itself, or will the south truly rise again?

Clan Emblem Changes

Upload or change Clan emblems for free as a thank-you for your patience!

Clan Spotlight: ESPRT

This week’s Clan Spotlight shines on ESPRT, an up-and-coming Clan that leapt into the Top 10 in the Clan Wars Third Campaign.

Clan Wars Mode Exhibition: Attack/Defense

Come and test your Clan in the new Attack/Defense mode; a 14v14 setting and a chance to win serious Gold!

Clan Wars Compensation Policy - Update

Some amendments have been made to the compensation rules for Clan Wars and Strongholds.

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Stalingrad

Bring your steeliest gaze to this next tournament for your chance to win some serious Gold!