News about various specials and events.

Your Last Chance to Get the M41 90 GF and Turán III! important

Grab these exciting Premium tanks before they're gone!

Win a Free Laptop During Heavy Tank Week! important

Complete rewarding missions and rent the TOG II*, M 41 90 GF and more!

x5 XP During TD Week - Win a Free Laptop!

Enjoy x5 XP on daily first-wins and try out the Jagdtiger 8,8 or M 41 90 GF with our Premium rental missions!

Earn a Free Tank On Track to the STB-1!

Rule the battlefield with this fast-firing Japanese medium tank!

Win a Free Laptop During Medium Tank Week!

Embark on rewarding missions, then rent the Panther mit 8,8 and the M 41 90 GF and more!

5th Anniversary Special! important

As World of Tanks in the Americas marks its fifth anniversary, get set to earn great rewards!

Rent the M41/90 GF and Earn a 1-Skill Crew! important

And the M41/90 GF is in the Premium Shop all month long.

April Light Tank and Artillery Week + x3 XP Weekend!

Rent the M3 Light Tank and the new German M 41 90 and take on a massive series of rewarding missions!

On Track to the Maus

Tank tough with discounts on the way to this bricklike heavy tank!

March Heavy Tank Week + x2 Crew Weekend!

Try out the FCM 50t or WZ-111 with our Premium rental missions!