News about various specials and events.

Tanks Through Time: The Adventure Begins! important

The first leg of the journey in The Conclave's search for ancient weapons!

Tanks Through Time: Prologue to the Event of September important

Our next month-long event promises to be the most epic yet!

Heavy Haymakers - Lots of XP Bonuses!

Sock it to 'em in heavy tanks this weekend with new missions, discounts, and 3x XP!

Light Tank-SPG Synergy important

This weekend, we're focusing on the deadly duo of light tanks and SPGs with vehicle discounts, bundles and a Crew XP bonus!

On Track to the Jagdpanzer E 100

This mighty tank destroyer and a few of its cousins are featured in this exciting event!

Wargaming's Anniversary Party!

A frosted, cherry-topped, triple-layered mound of specials bigger than your average birthday cake!

World of Tanks' 5th Anniversary

Get ready for the World of Tanks birthday party with extra XP and some new heavy metal!

Well-Rounded Mediums

This weekend, excel in your medium tanks before the Gauntlet's Medium Midterm cut-off!

On Track to the 121 Medium Tank

Sow fear into the enemy forces with epic firepower and mobility at the top of the Chinese medium tree!

Climbing the Ladder

Shoot your way up the ladder to earn a ton of extra Crew XP, consumables and equipment!