The real tanks, from Wargaming America's resident in-house tanker.

The Chieftain's Hatch: The Devil's Due

If we all know that Russian tanks were, in reality, terrible, why didn't anyone ever tell the Russians?

The Chieftain's Hatch: US Guns, German Armor: Pt 2

Continuing from Part 1, we look at what happened after the Isigny tests.

The Chieftain's Hatch: Interview with Len Dyer

The Chieftain conducts an interview with the Director of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum of the US.

The Chieftain's Hatch: US Guns, German Armour, Pt 1

In the first of a two-part, the Chieftain reviews the results of US Army field testing as a result of 'The Panther Scare.'

Museum Review: Great Patriotic War, Moscow

The Chieftain returns to Moscow, to tour the museum dedicated to World War II

The Chieftain's Hatch: M45

The Chieftain takes a quick glance at one of the lesser-known US tanks