Contests, in-game happenings, and various events held within World of Tanks.

Win a Type 59 by Trying Proving Grounds!

Battle in PvE mode for a chance to win a Type 59 and other prizes!

Wargaming's Own: November - Tier VIII

Dominate the enemy at tier VIII this month for your chance to win awesome prizes as one of Wargaming's Own!

Win a Type 59 with Hell Yeah Tanks!

Make your own "Hell Yeah Tanks!" video for your chance to win the Type 59!

Monster Showdown's High XP Contest

Haul in tons of XP this week for your chance to win rare Premium tanks, Gold and Premium time!

Wargaming's Own: October - Tier X

Get ready, top-tier commanders -- we've reached the top of the tree in our year-long competition to reward the best of the best!

Wargaming's Own: September - Tier IX

Test your skills at tier IX for your chance to win some of the most epic prizes yet!

Wargaming's Own: August - Tier VIII

Take on the challenge of becoming one of Wargaming's Own at tier VIII for fantastic prizes!

Wargaming Officer Academy Contest

Class has begun! Create and share guides and you could win great gear!

PAX Prime T-Shirt Design Contest

Help us design some new t-shirts for PAX Prime and win great prizes!

Wargaming's Own: July - Tier VII

Get ready for season 2 of Wargaming's Own, the contest that rewards our most dedicated and talented players!