Portland, OR Player Gathering and WGLNA Watch Party

Come join us for food, prizes, and fun with fellow World of Tanks players as we watch the championship match of the WGLNA Gold League.

The Grand Finals 2015 important

The League is coming back to Warsaw, Poland in April!

Catching up with The Cunninghams

We talk to this stellar NA team as they get ready to face off against the best from Europe.

WGLNA Season 4 Finals: Catch it Here!

All you need to know about the League finals this weekend!

WGLNA Season 4 Finals: Meet the Teams

One tournament. Four teams. An unforgettable evening. Here's the teams you'll see at the WGLNA Finals.

WGLNA – Gold League Qualifiers 2

Read on for one of two opportunities to join next season’s WGLNA Gold League!

WGLNA – Season 4 Gold League Qualifiers

One of two opportunities to join next season’s WGLNA Gold League for World of Tanks at the highest level.

North America eSports Weekly Roundup

Tune in today for the NA eSports Weekly Roundup live show from 4-5pm PDT to get some updates and see some great battle highlights! League Grand Finals: New World Champions! important

The Grand Finals have concluded, and congratulations to the 2014 World Champions!