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The Clan League Kicks Off!

Everything you need to know about the Clan League and the prizes you can win!

Announcing Operation Safari, the Next Clan Wars Global Map Event! important

It's time for the first event on the New Global Map! Here's a preview of what's in store!

Clan Spotlight: Band of Clans

We're changing things up for this Clan Spotlight! We've gathered a few influential members of the Latin community all in one place for a Band of Clans interview!

Clan Spotlight: Cangaceiros de Aço do Brasil

Challenge CABRA and WGA Clan members in Stronghold Skirmishes for your chance to win Gold!

Clan Spotlight: -BTU-

Our next Clan Spotlight falls on -BTU-, a clan that's as friendly as they are belligerent!

Global Map by the Numbers

As we usher in a new Global Map for Clan Wars, check out the milestones made on the original Map!

Welcome to the Clan League Preseason

We're kicking off the Clan League with preseason matches! Read more about the format and registration details.

The New Global Map is Almost Here! important

Find out when you can starting fighting on the New Global Map.

The Next Step in Clan Wars

Read on to find out what's next for Clan Wars!