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Third Campaign: Overall Results Announced

Our winners have finally been decided at the end of the Third Campaign!

Third Campaign's Third Stage Results

The final stage has been completed! Check out the winners of Stage III inside!

Clan Wars Global Map Holiday Ceasefire

It's that time of the year again. The Global Map will be frozen in place so you can enjoy your holidays!

Clan Spotlight: LIGS

This week we take a look at a gaming community that has been active for over a decade!

Third Campaign's Second Stage Results

Another stage down, and one more to go! Check out the winners of Stage II inside!

Fall of the Empires: Third Campaign's Third Stage

The Third Stage's rules have arrived. Find out what your Clan needs to do to come out on top!

Third Campaign's First Stage Results

The first of three stages has concluded, and we now have the results for the Race to the Sea.

Hell of Verdun: Third Campaign's Second Stage

The Third Campaign's Second Stage rules are here! See how your Clan can dominate the competition!

Changes to Object 907 Coming Soon

Read on for some new details for the Object 907 vehicle!

Race to the Sea: Third Campaign's First Stage

Find out what Clan Wars has in store for its First Stage of the Third Campaign on the Global Map!