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Special Offer: Clan Management Discounts important

For a limited time only, enjoy discounts on creating and renaming your Clan!

Introducing the Clan Rating System!

Our developers have created a new Clan Rating system. Measure your effectiveness in a variety of ways -- details within!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: 9.1 Maps

Battle it out on Arctic Region and Tundra, two maps recently overhauled in the 9.1 update.

Clan Invitational Tournament: Last Chance Qualifier

This is the final chance to get into the Summer 2014 Clan Invitational Tournament. Don't miss out!

Results: Clan Wars Missions to Welcome New Provinces important

In welcoming new provinces to Clan Wars, take part in two weeks of missions that could fill your Garage with items and Gold!

Month of Clans

Throughout the month of June, creating or being in a Clan will bring several advantages!

Summer Clan Invitational Details

Have a look at the fine details announced of this major Clan tournament and see the huge prizes that can be won!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Kharkov

It's time to test your clan on the streets of Kharkov, Ukraine in this month's Clan Wars Map Exhibition!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Pearl River

It's time to finish off the last of the maps changed in 9.0 as we play on Pearl River and offer an additional prize to the winners.

Clan Missions

As part of Month of Clans, we have a series of missions dedicated to Clan members that'll accelerate your Crews' XP!