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Coming Soon: The Third Campaign on the Global Map

Take a look at the next major Clan Wars event coming soon to the Global Map!

Clan Spotlight: BULLS

The BULLS clan shows how lightheartedness and top-notch play can coexist. We talk to the team about what they're all about.

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Murovanka

This month's tournament will be played on Murovanka, recently reworked in the 9.3 update.

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Climate Change

We will re-broadcast our recorded footage of the final matches on Tuesday, the 7th of October!

Strongholds Public Test: Raid Mode

Upgrade your Stronghold to its maximum level and your Clan will be eligible to battle other Strongholds!

Clan Spotlight: [VILIN]

This week, an insider look at [VILIN], who emphasize hyper-aggressive battles and general silliness.

Strongholds: What's New in Update 9.3

Update 9.3 brings several additions to Strongholds including Legionaries, a Skirmish income boost and more!

New Clan Positions

Changes are coming to the positions within a Clan in Update 9.3!

Clan Wars Landing Improvements

A new feature has been released for the Global Map – a special page with a list of all available landing provinces. It is now easier than ever to get started on the Clan Wars Global map!

Clan Spotlight: HARM

Win Gold by challenging this battle-hardened Clan but be careful, don't let HARM come to you!