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Open Beta Test for the New Global Map important

Get ready to test the new Global Map, coming soon!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Westfield

In our latest Clan Wars tournament, we go where the grass is always greener.

Clan Spotlight: BULBA

Read more about BULBA's roots, and how the Commanders have helped it evolve!

Announcing Clan Wars Armageddon important

It's the end of the Clan Wars world as we know it, and we're sending it off with a bang!

Strongholds Changes in Update 9.8

Changes are coming to Strongholds with Update 9.8!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Overlord

We kick off an epic month with epic battles on Overlord!

Changes to Clan Wars

A tweak here, a nudge there... read on about recent changes to Clan Wars!

Clan Spotlight: Red Sky

Read more about Red Sky, one of the oldest clans in World of Tanks.

Global Map 2.0 First Details important

Learn more about what's coming in the next Global Map update!

Changes to Clan Wars in Update 9.7

Find out how Update 9.7 will affect the Global Map and Strongholds.