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Global Map Season 2 Coming Soon

Prepare for total domination on Clan Wars' Global Map!

Clan Wars Fourth Campaign Stage 2: The Lion's Mane

Take a look at the rules for the second stage of the fourth campaign.

Clan Wars Fourth Campaign Stage 1: The Scorpion's Tail

Get acquainted with the rules for the first stage of the Fourth Campaign.

Fourth Campaign Rules and Regulations

Read up on all the specifics of the next campaign on the Global Map!

Announcing Clan Wars' Fourth Campaign important

The Fourth Campaign is arriving soon on the Global Map with a brand-new reward vehicle!

Clan Wars Spotlight: SHOJO

This time our spotlight is on the anime clan SHOJO!

Clan League Pro Bowl

The Clan League may be over, but we've got one final match for your entertainment!

Clan League Championship Finals

After a full season, the Championship Night is here! Several of the top Clans are competing to prove they are the best!

Clan Details Now Available In-Game

With Update 9.12, you'll find your Clan details in the World of Tanks client!