This category contains all news regarding Clan Wars

Hell of Verdun: Third Campaign's Second Stage

The Third Campaign's Second Stage rules are here! See how your Clan can dominate the competition!

Changes to Object 907 Coming Soon

Read on for some new details for the Object 907 vehicle!

Race to the Sea: Third Campaign's First Stage

Find out what Clan Wars has in store for its First Stage of the Third Campaign on the Global Map!

Introducing the New Clan Portal

Now all Clan tools and information can be accessed in one convenient location!

Clan Spotlight: TTIME

We talk with another storied Clan on their inner workings. Plus: A chance to play with them this week!

Announcing the 2nd Clan Invitational Tournament

The massive Clan tournament is returning soon. Check inside how your Clan can earn your spot.

Coming Soon: The Third Campaign on the Global Map

Take a look at the next major Clan Wars event coming soon to the Global Map!

Clan Spotlight: BULLS

The BULLS clan shows how lightheartedness and top-notch play can coexist. We talk to the team about what they're all about.

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Murovanka

This month's tournament will be played on Murovanka, recently reworked in the 9.3 update.

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Climate Change

We will re-broadcast our recorded footage of the final matches on Tuesday, the 7th of October!