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Rewards for Clans with Summer Clan Play! important

Join the ranks for rewards and Clan play!

Clan Spotlight: [RDDT]

Join Reddit's dedicated Clan on Community night for fun games and cool prizes!

"Birth of Titans" - New Clan Wars Event

A Global Map event celebrating a century of tanks!

Clan Wars: Changes in Third Season

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing new features for the Global Map. Clans will get more tools for planning their strategies and warfare.

Catch This Week's Clan League Action

The playoffs are heating up, not to mention the Pro Bowl!

Clan League Season 2 - Playoffs Schedule

The fun starts with the Champions League Quarterfinals!

Global Map Season 3 Coming Soon

Prepare for total domination on the Global Map!

"Operation Typhoon" Comes to the Global Map!

The next Clan Wars event is taking place soon on the Global Map!