Summer Clan Invitational Details

Have a look at the fine details announced of this major Clan tournament and see the huge prizes that can be won!

Hammer Time Lands Sponsors - Logitech and Evolve

Coming off an impressive performance in the WGLNA Season 3 finals, pro World of Tanks team Hammer Time gets sponsored!

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Snapshots: AMX 105

In this latest snapshot, check out what happens when you mount a 105 mm howitzer on the chassis of the speedy AMX 13!

Update 9.1 is Here! important

Here's the lowdown on the next big update -- a new map, Historical Battles and more!

Skirmish XXIV: Fives for Fighting

This week's Skirmish is a 3-on-3 tier V encounter on Ruinberg!

Razer's New World of Tanks Headset important

Check out the World of Tanks Kraken Pro Headset to bring your Tanks experience to life!

Clan Wars Map Exhibition: Kharkov

It's time to test your clan on the streets of Kharkov, Ukraine in this month's Clan Wars Map Exhibition!

Vive la France Weekend

We're showing a bit of love to our favorite blue-colored tanks -- the French. This weekend, enjoy bonuses and discounts regarding the French tech tree. Ça va?

More Info on Soccer Battles

Coming with the Update 9.1, World of Tanks will get new unique soccer game mode where everyone will have a chance to play and score!

Historical Battles: Siege of Tobruk

The port city of Tobruk is under siege by the German Afrika Korps and its allies in this new Historical Battle for Update 9.1.