WGLNA - 2016 Regional Finals

The Final Four have been chosen. Who'll come out on top?

Claim Your Tank Rewards from September!

The more points you earned last month, the cooler the prizes!

Update 9.16: Vehicles and Crew Recovery

A new feature lets you recover sold vehicles and Crew within the game and get them back into action.

Let's Battle Tour - New York

We've added the Big Apple as our final tour stop!

Win Premium Tanks and Gold in Faceit Tournaments!

Multiple World of Tanks tournaments are available on the Faceit gaming platform.

Trick-or-Treat: Light Tank & Artillery Week

Get your vehicles ready for delicious treats!

VK 45.03 Now Available in the Shop

Terrorize the battlefield with the vicious VK 45.03!

Save Tankloads with Weekly Deals

Don't miss out on these wicked deals!

Trick-or-Treat for Tank Rewards! important

Earn points to go trick-or-treating at!