Gift Shop Announcements

Premium Shop Offer for Brazilian Residents

Brazilian residents who purchase Premium goods now have two unique bundles available!

Special Premium Shop Offer for Interac Users

Canadian residents: Using Interac Online now will get you access to two limited Gold bundles in the Premium Shop!

New Payment Option: Oink

The Premium Shop gets more accessible with a new way to pay!

New Karma Koin Offer in the Premium Shop

Pay with Karma Koin and gain access to an exclusive bundle at the Premium Shop! Details within.

Special Premium Shop Offer for Boleto Bancario Users

Brazilian residents who use Boleto Bancario now have two exclusive Gold bundles available in the Premium Shop for a limited time!

Premium Shop Offer for TELUS Users

Players who use TELUS can now take advantage of special deals on Premium Shop bundles!

Special Premium Shop Offer for PayPal Users

Use your PayPal account to get access to these exclusive Gold and Credit bundles in the Premium Shop!

Premium Shop Offer for Amazon Payments Users

Use Amazon Payments at the Premium Shop and get access to exclusive bundles!

Military Appreciation Month Bundles

In continuing our recognition of Military Appreciation Month, these great bundles are each linked to a specific charity. Details inside!

Premium Shop Special Offer for Gift Card Users important

Beginning April 18, there is a special limited-time offer for Premium Shop customers who use gift cards!