Gift Shop Announcements

Last Chance to Grab the Ripper & Mutz!

Pick up these phenomenal Premium medium tanks before they leave the Store!

Bonus Gold for Credit Card and PayPal Users

Purchase Gold using PayPal, or credit cards and get a bonus!

Panzer 58 Mutz for Sale!

The unique medium tank with the big white bear is now available in the Premium Shop!

M46 "Ripper" Patton KR For Sale!

The roaring Tiger Patton is now available in the Premium Shop!

Bonus Gold for Amazon Payments Users

Purchase Gold using Amazon Payments and get a percentage as a bonus!

Gift Cards for Gold!

Trade in your gift cards for in-game Gold!

The 12 Days of Tanksmas

Embrace the holiday season with these nine festive tanks in the Premium Shop!

Our Nine "Reindeer" Tanks Are About to Fly Away!

Miss your favorite reindeer the first time? They're back for two more days!

Feast Deals Day 4: M4A1 Revalorisé and M56 Scorpion Bundles!

Stuff your Garage with this just-introduced French Premium medium tank and American tank destroyer!