Gift Shop Announcements

On Track to the FV215b: Premium Shop

You can be ever closer to attaining Britain's top titan with a little help from our Premium Shop bundles.

Monthly Premium Shop Bundles

Looking for Gold? We have a number of bundles on the Premium Shop that make it quick and easy for you to weigh down your pockets.

Heavy Duty Weekend: Premium Shop

Five big bundles await you in our latest Premium Shop promotion.

US Tank Corps Formation Weekend: Premium Shop

Check out what's new in this weekend's Premium Shop!

Premium Shop Offer for Ultimate Game Card Users

Starting January 23, using Ultimate Game Cards in the Premium Shop can earn you access to a special bundle!

On Track to the Jagdpanzer E 100: Premium Shop

German power comes your way in this roundup of bundles, led by our featured On Track tank!

Flashback: Slow and Steady Premium Shop Bundles

Slow or no, these bundles will have you hurrying.

Weekend Premium Shop: Jan. 10-13

The holidays are winding down, but nobody told the Premium Shop. Check out the assortment we have in store this weekend!

New Years Premium Shop Bundles!

Time to get started on your World of Tanks New Years resolutions!

Premium Shop "Tanksmas" Bundles

Twelve days of great bundles are starting now!