Gift Shop Announcements

Gift Shop Bundles: September 13 - 16

Take a look at this weekend's Gift Shop bundles for a jolt to your Gold and Credits, and some machinery too, of course!

Gift Shop Bundles, September 6 - 9

Check out this weekend's Gift Shop bundles for an opportunity to snag some much needed Gold, Credits and Premium time. Also up for grabs are the M22 Locust and the T14. See these bundles and additional information below!

On Track to the T-62A Gift Shop Bundles

Check out these Gift Shop deals designed to help you and your friends along the way to the T-62A!

Gift Shop Bundles, August 30 - September 1

Check out this weekend's Gift Shop for a chance to outfit your tanks both old and new, or add a brand new T34 to your arsenal. Pick these bundles up for yourself or your most loyal allies. See this and further details below!

Gift Shop Bundles, August 26-30

We're posting bundles to outfit new tanks, old tanks, and one that supports the latest On Track event. Pick these packages up for yourself or your most loyal allies.

Gift Shop Bundles, August 23 - 26

We've got bundles and even trunks full of Gold, Credits and Premium vehicles. Pick them up for yourself or your tanking buddies!

Gift Shop Bundles: August 19 - 23

More "On Track" bundles round out the latest batch of goodies coming to the Gift Shop this week.

Gift Shop Bundles: August 16 - 19

This weekend we're putting a bunch of vehicles in the Gift Shop to help prospective tankers who are looking to take advantage of our most recent On Track to the Leopard 1 event.

Gift Shop Bundles, August 12 - 16

Tired of playing those light and medium tanks for the current On Track event? This week's Gift Shop bundles feature the FCM 50 t French heavy tank and bags full of Credits and Gold. Take a look!

Gift Shop Bundles, August 9 - 12

This weekend's Gift Shop perfectly compliments our Sneaky Sniper event. Check out all of the bundles we have on display for a limited time!