Gift Shop Announcements

On Track to the Heavy Tank 113: Premium Shop Bundles

Our special On Track bundles recognize the power of China's 113, as well as tier VIII cousin!

Veterans Day Weekend Premium Shop Bundles

We've got a huge variety of bundles available to help you get the most from your three-day weekend!

On Track to the M48A1 Patton: Premium Shop Bundles

The M48A1 Patton is our tank of the moment, and we have great bundles in the Shop to go with it!

Premium Shop Bundles: November 1 - 4

A new month brings a new set of Premium Shop bundles for the weekend!

Premium Shop Bundles: October 25 - 28

This weekend's event commemorates Operation Lightfoot; be sure to swing by the Premium Shop to cash-in on all the latest bundles inspired by this moment in history!

Premium Shop Bundles: October 18 - 21

This week's bundles can be described in just one word: Kaboom!

On Track to the AMX 50 B: Premium Shop Bundles

The AMX 50 B is our latest featured tank, and big bundles in the Premium Shop are here in celebration!

Premium Shop Bundles: October 11 - 14

A new week means new bundles! Check out the discounts we have for you this time.

[UPDATE] Gift Shop: October 4 - 7

This weekend's Premium Shop features bundles guaranteed to please those tankers focused on the Russian Tech Tree.

On Track to the Object 268 Premium Shop Bundles

Our latest On Track event is matched with another big bunch of bundles in the Premium Shop!