Gift Shop Announcements

Gift Shop Packages, Apr 15 - 18

The mighty SU-122-44 Soviet Tank Destroyer makes an appearance in this week's Russian Bundle, and if you're in the market for gold, credits, or premium time we've certainly got a few packages that might suit your interests.

2nd Anniversary Gift Shop Bundles important

Happy 2nd Anniversary! We've got some really special Gift Shop bundles this week as part of our birthday celebration event, including the limited return of the KV-5 and Type 62! Get them today or buy them for your friends!

Gift Shop Bundles, April 7 to 11

This week's Gift Shop bundles feature German and French vehicles, a premium account package, and a very special bundle for one million credits!

Gift Shop Bundles, March 31 - April 4 important

Bundles for the United States, British, and Supplies occupy our Gift Shop this week.

Gift Shop Bundles, March 24 - 28

Premium, Gold, and Credit bundles make their way to our Gift Shop this week.

Gift Shop Packages, Mar 17 to 21 important

In the market for a French or German premium tank? How about some good ol' fashioned gold or credits? We may have what you're after in this week's Gift Shop bundles.

Gift Shop Bundles: March 10 - 14

We have a whole bunch of great bundles this week for American and Russian premium tanks.

Gift Shop Packages March 3 to 7 important

Our first set of Gift Shop bundles for the month of March are ready for inspection!

Gift Shop Packages: February 24 to 28

Our last set of Gift Shop bundles for the month of February include packages that may tempt you into nabbing a present or two for your tanker buddies.

Gift Shop Packages: Febrary 17 to 21

All sorts of new bundles this week for your gifting pleasure.