Gift Shop Announcements

Gift Shop Bundles: August 16 - 19

This weekend we're putting a bunch of vehicles in the Gift Shop to help prospective tankers who are looking to take advantage of our most recent On Track to the Leopard 1 event.

Gift Shop Bundles, August 12 - 16

Tired of playing those light and medium tanks for the current On Track event? This week's Gift Shop bundles feature the FCM 50 t French heavy tank and bags full of Credits and Gold. Take a look!

Gift Shop Bundles, August 9 - 12

This weekend's Gift Shop perfectly compliments our Sneaky Sniper event. Check out all of the bundles we have on display for a limited time!

Gift Shop Bundles, August 4 - 8

This week's Gift Shop packages feature several Gold and Credit pairings at various price points as well as a pair of Premium vehicle bundles!

Gift Shop Bundles, August 1 - 4

These Gift Shop packages feature some tried and true elements, a few blasts from the past, and towers of Gold and Credits!

Gift Shop Bundles, July 28 - August 1

We're pleased to present the last round of Gift Shop bundles for the month of July. Get 'em while they're hot!

Gift Shop Bundles, July 25 - 28

While you're busy playing "Peek-a-Boom" all weekend long, we thought a few bundles would help add to all the fun.

Gift Shop Bundles, July 21 - 25

The mighty TOG II* returns, but that's not all! Discover everything else that's available in this week's Gift Shop today!

Gift Shop Bundles, July 18 - 21

This week's packages feature the Ram II, SU-100Y, and a trunk full of Gold and Credits.

Gift Shop Bundles, July 14-18

This week's Gift Shop bundles feature a kit for your new tanks, the T2 LT, the Valentine II, and good ol' fashioned Gold and Credits.