Gift Shop Announcements

Flashback: Fire and Forget Weekend Premium Shop

This weekend's event is all about the prowess of artillery, and our bundles are built to match!

On Track to the Medium Tank 121: Premium Shop Bundles

The tank may be called "medium," but these bundles are anything but.

Cyber Monday Premium Shop Bundles [Concluded]

Check out the great tanks on sale for Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Premium Shop Bundles [Concluded]

The Black Friday sale has ended, but we've still got savings coming your way with Cyber Monday!

Tanksgiving Premium Shop Bundles [Concluded]

Happy Tanksgiving! Ensure your tanks are fat and happy with these delicious holiday deals!

Premium Shop Offer for Karma Koin Users

Starting November 27, using Karma Koin cards in the Premium Shop can earn you in-game bonuses!

Hunter's Weekend: Premium Shop Bundles

If the hunting life is for you, then be sure to stock up on vehicles and currency in this round of bundles!

Keep Calm and Tank On Weekend: Premium Shop Bundles

Being a tanker isn't so stressful -- less so with these weekend bundles!

On Track to the Heavy Tank 113: Premium Shop Bundles

Our special On Track bundles recognize the power of China's 113, as well as tier VIII cousin!

Veterans Day Weekend Premium Shop Bundles

We've got a huge variety of bundles available to help you get the most from your three-day weekend!