Gift Shop Announcements

Gift Shop Bundles, July 4 - 8

These Gift Shop Bundles are sure to light up the battlefield this Independence Day weekend!

Gift Shop Bundles, July 1 to 4

We have some great new bundles for you available starting on July 1 in the Gift Shop! In addition, we're featuring a special month-long Starter Bundle to help new recruits and experienced tankers alike.

Gift Shop Bundles, June 27 to June 30

This week's bundles are aimed at filling your vaults with plenty of sparkling coins, Gold and Credits both. Be sure to fill your coffers with the necessary funds for outfitting your tanks this weekend!

Gift Shop Bundles, June 23 - 27

This week's Gift Shop features packages for outfitting your new tanks as well as one to nab a tier VIII French vehicle. Details inside!

Gift Shop Bundles, June 20 to 23

This week we're featuring four great bundles, two of which will help you take advantage of the great discounts that are part of the current On Track to the Foch (155) Event, one M22 Locust bundle, and a Dicker Max bundle.

Gift Shop Bundles, June 16 to 20

This week we're featuring three different bundles, one is a boost for those of you taking advantage of the On Track to the Foch (155) event, a solid Gold and Credit bundle, and one that includes a tier III Premium tank destroyer.

Gift Shop Bundles, June 13 to 16

We've got Big Bucks, Weekend Warrior, Fix Your Tank, and Quick Cash bundles available for you this weekend. Details after the jump!

Gift Shop Bundles, June 9 - 13

This set of packages is perfect for taking advantage of our On Track event, credit and gold packages galore!

Gift Shop Bundles, June 6 - 9

We've put together four packages for your weekend consumable, currency, premium time, and TOG II needs.

Gift Shop Bundles, June 2 - 6

This week we've got a bundle for everyone from new tankers to those looking to fill their coffers.