News about various specials and events.

On Track to the AMX 50 B

With this On Track event, we are focusing on the AMX 50 B, the menacing tier X French heavy tank!

15th Anniversary Artillery Marathon important

Our special-occasion event continues with an artillery-focused series of giveaways!

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition - Great Tank Giveaway

If you've been lucky enough to get into the World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition beta, we've got one heck of a weekend planned!

Sputnik in Space Weekend

On Oct 4, 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first satellite into orbit. Check out this weekend's event for in-game bonuses that are out of this world!

On Track to the Object 268

We feature the Object 268 this month, with discounts and bonuses to be had on it and other related tanks!

Month-Long Mission: Hero of the Day

This month's mission rewards those tankers capable of administering superhuman quantities of damage in a single day!

The British Invasion

World of Warplanes introduced the British tech tree, and this weekend we're giving you a chance to win Premium British tanks.

Where Did They Come From? important

Our latest event sneaks up on you with great bonuses!

15th Anniversary Medium Tank Marathon

The official 15 year mark has come and gone but we're still in the mood for celebrating!

Das Wunder Weekend

It's the most Wunder-ful Weekend of the year!