News about various specials and events.

Super Brawl Weekend important

Who cares about the Super Bowl when you've got Super Brawl!

Announcing Operation: Steel Wall important

Are you a glutton for punishment? Can you take a punch on the chin and keep on fighting? If so, you've got a chance to earn a couple extra credits over the next few days.

Tech Tree Focus: United States important

This week is a perfect time for you to populate your garage with some American steel soldiers.

Black Tom Weekend important

In honor of the US Tank Corps being formed in January of 1918, we've put together a solid set of discounts and bonuses to keep you tanking throughout the weekend.

Announcing Operation: Defender

There's almost nothing more satisfying than lining up the perfect shot, watching it hit home, and seeing the capture bar wink back to zero. Not only will your team love you for defending the base, but we'll be rewarding you with free XP each time you do!

Tech Tree Focus: UK Jan 21-25 important

The stalwart British vehicles have made their mark upon our battlefields. This week's discount runs along the UK heavy branch; take advantage of the savings while they last!

Gift Shop Packages: Jan 20-24 important

Two tank destroyers make it into this week's Gift Shop bundles. If you're not in need of a new stealthy premium beast, we've put together a gold and a credit bundle to help refill your coffers!

Hide-and-Seek Weekend important

Flitting around looking for that perfect spot, and cackling madly as they tried but failed to find you is hopefully familiar to all. Relive some of those glorious youthful days with this weekend's special!

Announcing Operation: Patrol Duty important

It's a great time to earn some extra credits in battle.

Tech Tree Focus: Germany important

We've got a number of temporary credit discounts going into effect this week for a handful of German tanks. Click through to find out which ones will be on sale