News about various specials and events.

Announcing Operation: Sniper

The next Operations event is underway. Earn yourself bonus credits every time you complete the objective!

Gift Shop Packages: December 9th-14th

Just in time for the holiday season, we've added a few more packages to the gift shop!

Tech Tree Focus: Germany December 10th-14th

Expect to see even more of the gray swarm over the next few days. German light and medium tank fans are in for a credit bonus!

Weekend Event: The Souain Legacy

This week's special is in honor of the experiment that helped bring about everyone's favorite military vehicle!

Gift Shop Packages: Dec 2nd - 7th

The first wave of gift shop packages during the month of December.

Tech Tree Focus: USSR [Updated]

This week's Tech Tree Focus goes to a few of the Soviet light and medium vehicles.

Zhukov's March important

To pay respect to one of the Soviet military's greatest war heroes during WWII we're offering up a few discounts and bonuses.

Tech Tree Focus: USA Nov. 26th-30th

A few of the American artillery pieces are the lucky recipients of the Tech Tree Focus.

Black Friday important

Still hungry after Thanksgiving? Check out these Black Friday deals you can feast on all weekend long.

Happy Tanksgiving important

Just in time for the food and family filled holiday, we're offering up some sales and bonuses.