News about various specials and events.

Hide-and-Seek Weekend important

Flitting around looking for that perfect spot, and cackling madly as they tried but failed to find you is hopefully familiar to all. Relive some of those glorious youthful days with this weekend's special!

Announcing Operation: Patrol Duty important

It's a great time to earn some extra credits in battle.

Tech Tree Focus: Germany important

We've got a number of temporary credit discounts going into effect this week for a handful of German tanks. Click through to find out which ones will be on sale

Heavy Destruction Weekend [UPDATED] important

Prepare to crush your enemies under tons of tracked and turreted weaponized steel! Heavy tanks are the name of the game in this weekend special; along with a crew XP bonus, as well as discounts for their housing and training.

Announcing Operation: Confederate important

If you can manage to hit more enemy vehicles than any other player on your team over the next few days, you'll net yourself an additional 750 XP!

Gift Shop Packages: Jan 6th-10th important

The latest gift shop packages are a fine choice when it comes to finding that special something for the tanker in your life, or for treating yourself to a small reward. We've got two vehicle bundles as well as a gold and a credit bundle for you take advantage of.

Tech Tree Focus: USSR Jan 7th-11th important

The forecast projects rain, lots and lots of rain. Don't expect an umbrella to offer much protection. This week's focus bonus brings a discount to the Soviet artillery line.

Who Shot the Sheriff: January 4 to 6 important

Now that the holidays are behind us, we've loaded up our Sheriffs with free experience and are set to unleash them on the battlefield. Keep your eyes peeled for these XP-packed hostiles!

"Operation Nordwind" Weekend Event important

We're going to be handing out x3 experience this weekend as well as discounts in honor of Operation Nordwind.

End of the Year Events Preview [UPDATED] important

There's only a few days left in 2012 and we plan on sending it off in style with these holiday festivities!