News about various specials and events.

Tech Tree Focus: USSR, March 25 - 29 important

Hope you've been saving up your rubles to add some classic Russian tanks to your garage, because all through this week we've got a ton of discounts on the likes of the T-34, the T-34-85, and the venerable T-43. Take a look!

Announcing Operation: Defender, March 25 - 29 important

What some people may call camping, others see as necessary base defense! Our next Operations challenge will reward you faithful servants who stay behind to watch the flag.

Operation Varsity Weekend important

In honor of the anniversary for Operation Varsity, the largest airborne operation in history, we've put together a number of in-game bonuses on some of our American, British, and German vehicles.

Announcing Operation: Defender, Mar 18 to 22 important

Do you push for the cap, or does the duty of returning to defend base fall to you? This week's operation might make that decision a little easier to make!

Tech Tree Focus China, Mar 18 to 22 important

If you haven't already started the trek down any of the Chinese tree's branches, now's your chance to do so on the cheap!

Saint Patrick's Day Weekend important

There's a lot more history and significance to this holiday than just wearing green (and pinching those who don't). So in the spirit of the traditional feast, we've put together some pretty awesome discounts and bonuses. Including some for tier VIII tanks!

Tech Tree Focus: France important

Ah, the French. So powerful, beautiful, and always sure to make an impression on the battlefield. For these reasons and more, we're dedicating a whole week to some of France's tank line and giving them a 50% credit discount.

Announcing Operation: Steel Wall important

Are you a glutton for punishment? Can you take a punch on the chin and keep on fighting? If so, you've got a chance to earn some extra XP over the next few days with Operation: Steel Wall.

Medium Mayhem Weekend

Tighten up your lines and don't leave your flanks exposed. Expect to see plenty of hungry wolfpacks on the prowl this weekend.

8.4 Event "Keep Calm & Carry On"

To help welcome the latest addition of vehicles to the battlefield, we're hosting another of our wildly successful 'top 100' contests. It's your chance to win free gold and tanks!