News about various specials and events.

Second Battle of El Alamein Weekend

Check out the details for this weekend's bonuses and discounts

Tech Tree Focus: U.S.S.R. important

This week's Tech Tree Focus is on a Russian Heavy branch.

Keeping It Light Weekend important

Find out the details on our latest weekend event, Keeping It Light.

Gift Shop Packages: 15th - 31st [UPDATED]

Check out the details for our second offering of Gift Shop Packages in October.

American Vehicle Rollout: T29

The American Heavy T29 is the benefactor of Rollout bonus for the next two weeks.

Medium Medley Weekend

This week a cluster of medium tanks will be receiving a discount and credit boost.

Silent Destroyer Weekend

This weekend we're dishing out some discounts and bonuses aimed at helping our TD players.

October Gift Shop Packages: 1st - 15th

The first wave of October Specials have been announced.

American Vehicle Rollout: M24 Chaffee

The M24 Chaffee American Light tank is the first to receive this month's Rollout bonus.

Tech Tree Focus: USA

This week's Tech Tree Focus goes to some stealthy American Tank Destroyers.