News about various specials and events.

Walter Christie Weekend important

In honor of Walter "Father of the Tank" Christie's birthday this weekend, we have put a number of vehicles he had some part in the creation of on discount throughout the weekend. In addition, we've got x2 Crew Experience, discounts on Premium, and much, much more!

On Track to the IS-7 Event important

We're pleased to announce the arrival of a new bi-monthly event; the On Track events will target vehicles from the upper reaches of the tech trees. The debut of these bonuses and discounts go to the Soviet heavy line!

Tanks of the Month: T-34 & T-34-85 important

To facilitate a newly found interest and respect for these fighting vehicles, this month's credit bonus goes to both the T-34 & T-34-85!

Announcing Operation: Defender, April 29 to May 3 important

This week's Operation reward of a hefty chunk of bonus XP goes out to all of you diligent flag watchers out there.

Tech Tree Focus: USSR, April 29 - May 3 important

This week's Tech Tree Focus is being applied to the Soviet medium and heavy tank branch. If you've ever wanted to venture down this particular line now's the time to stretch your credits a little further while doing so!

Battle of Halbe Weekend important

In honor of the Battle of Halbe we're discounting a number of German and Soviet tanks, as well as making it more affordable to increase the size of your garage and customize the inscriptions on your tank for a limited time.

Announcing Operation: Patrol Duty, April 22 - 26

Being able to see the enemy before they see you is often the difference between victory and defeat. Do your share of the spotting to earn yourself a bounty of credits!

Tech Tree Focus: France, April 22 - 26 important

This week's credit discount goes to the French light tanks branch. If you've never sped down this particular tree, now's the time to stretch your credits a little further while doing so!

Gift Shop Bundles, April 21 - 25 [UPDATE]

This week's Gift Shop bundles feature two premium vehicles, one from France and one from Germany, as well as a credit and a gold bundle to suit your tanking needs!

I Can Haz Tanks Weekend important

Do you like cats? Or rather, more specifically, do you like tanks named after cats? If you're a fan of these adorable vehicles, this weekend you'll see a discount and an increase in credits per battle for the likes of the Hellcat, Leopard, Tiger, and Panther in your life.