News about various specials and events.

15th Anniversary Medium Tank Marathon

The official 15 year mark has come and gone but we're still in the mood for celebrating!

Das Wunder Weekend

It's the most Wunder-ful Weekend of the year!

Battle of Flers Courcelette Weekend

Take part in this weekend's event commemorating the first modern tank battle!

Slow and Steady Weekend

The noble hare learned the hard way that slow and steady wins the race. This weekend is all about the tortoise! Heavy tanks and tank destroyers enjoy increased Credit earnings, and crewmen get an experience boost, too!

To the Victor Belong the Spoils Month-Long Mission important

We invite you to participate in this month-long mission where you will earn bonus Credits for multiple victories in a single day!

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy x3 XP, Discounts, and More! important

We've extended our weekend event another day, allowing you to enjoy these discounts and bonuses through Labor Day. Let's Battle!

NVIDIA GeForce eSports $100K Open Livestream

If you can't make it out to PAX this year to watch the NVIDIA GeForce eSports $100K Open, we'll be broadcasting it right here thanks to

Mission: Top Dog

Earn the Top Gun medal over the next several days for a chance to pick up a bonus bag of Credits.

Liberation of Paris Weekend

In honor of the historic World War II battle, we're putting a number of French vehicles on discount throughout the weekend.

Mission: Damage, Inc.

It's time to bring your best damage dealers onto the battlefield.