News about various specials and events.

Special Offer: Path to the Lorraine 40t

Save on camo and premium ammo as well as several French tanks.

Special Offer: Path to the IS-3

Save on Premium account time and get 50% off several tanks in the Soviet tree.

Operation Diadem Special important

Save on consumables and get 50% off of a number of tanks and crew barracks enlargement!

Victory Day Bonus Code [UPDATED] important

In honor of Victory day and our ongoing specials for Military Month.

Military Parade Special important

Save 15% on select premium accounts, 50% on equipment, 50% on select tanks and much more.

Military Month Special important

This week's special includes discounts on tanks, ammo, a x3 XP event and more!

One Year Anniversary Bonus Code important

One free day of premium? Yes! This is what we would like to offer you on our birthday day. Don’t miss it!

One Year Anniversary Special important

50% discount on select tanks, 15% discount on six-month and one-year Premium and much more.

Battle of Heilbronn Special important

Get ready for the Battle of Heilbronn Special due to run during the weekend.

Operation Plunder Special important

Log in between March 23-27 to take advantage of these discounts and bonuses.