News about various specials and events.

Sneaky Sniper Weekend

If you fancy yourself one of those types that loves to get in touch with the wilderness, surrounded by bushes and trees, or who excels at hunting prey with one precise shot after another, you're going to love this weekend's event.

Mission: Tanks of Mass Destruction

Earn bonus Credits every time you're one of the top three damage dealers in the match!

Tank of the Month: IS-2 important

We're pleased to bring a discount and an income bonus to the mighty Chinese IS-2 for the entire month of August!

On Track to the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

It's time to burn your way to the mighty tier X French medium tank. This branch is full of speed, maneuverability, and auto-loaders!

Wargaming's 15th Anniversary Special important

We're proud to begin the celebration of our 15th anniversary. Something made possible by passionate and dedicated players like you. Thank you!

Monthlong Anniversary Missions important

These special missions, should you choose to accept them, will be available for the entire month of August in honor of our 15th Anniversary!

Heat Wave

With August comes some seriously warm weather as well as some hot specials and missions that run through the week.

Missions: Here Comes the Boom & I See You

This weekend is all about hiding behind something, then shooting something, then hiding behind something, then shooting again, all while screaming, "peek-a-boo, I see you," at the top of your lungs.

Peek-a-Boom Weekend

Just when you thought the coast was clear, BOOM! We've got discounts and bonuses lined up for the weekend.

Mission: He's on Fire!

If you manage to win three battles in a row over the next several days, you'll earn some razzle dazzle for your tanks. Click through to read more about the "He's on Fire!" Mission.