News about various specials and events.

Boot Camp Weekend important

Get ready for a crash course of the different vehicle types in World of Tanks. Enjoy Credit multipliers, Gold discounts and unique missions with special rewards!

Vive la France Weekend

We're showing a bit of love to our favorite blue-colored tanks -- the French. This weekend, enjoy bonuses and discounts regarding the French tech tree. Ça va?

On Track to the IS-7

Well-sloped armor with a saucer-like turret -- the hard-hitting Soviet IS-7 is the focus in this latest On Track event!

E3 Week!

Enjoy special missions and twice the Crew XP this week as we take part in the exciting expo: E3!

D-Day Weekend

We recognize this important day in history with new bonuses and other specials on a number of armored vehicles.

Month-Long Missions: June

The American T1E6, Credits and Premium time can be yours if you complete these new sets of month-long missions!

Last Chance Weekend

We're closing out Military Month with incredible discounts, missions and Premium Shop deals, and on top of all that, x2 XP on all victories!

Supply Drop Weeklong Event

Train your Crews and stockpile some Credits during this week's Supply Drop event!

On Track to the STB-1

Take advantage of this event to make your way to this speedy tier X Japanese medium tank!

Memorial Day Weekend

Credit bonuses, mission rewards and a Premium bundle for one of the fastest light tanks around, this Memorial Day Weekend, be sure to take advantage of these specials while they last!