News about various specials and events.

Tankers Assemble! important

Form your own alliance in the fight against the enemy for the chance to earn the beloved TOG II*!

Viva la Winners of WGL! important

Celebrate the teams that participated in The Grand Finals with a Crew XP bonus!

São Paulo Showdown

We're bringing XMA to World of Tanks with a special mission!

Mission for Gold in May

All month long, you'll have the opportunity to win Gold in battle!

On Track to the Object 268 important

Put on your fuzziest ushanka and grab some high-explosive rounds -- it's time to go up the line of hard-hitting Soviet tank destroyers!

The Battle of Halbe

Join us this weekend as we commemorate the Battle of Halbe!

Wargaming League Missions

Teamwork is the name of the game in this set of special Missions!

Brazilian Army Day

Today we salute the Brazilian Army with a special mission!

Hunt The Winners important

See where you stand against the very best! Defeat members of Clan OTTER for a Gold reward.

April Showers important

It's raining shells, but also discounts and missions dedicated to beloved artillery vehicles!