News about various specials and events.

Month-Long Missions: August important

Bring on the damage this month and earn all sorts of rewards, including the damage master: the Dicker Max!

Animal House Weekend Event

Lions and Tigers and ... Panthers are all featured in this weekend's event. Oh my!

On Track to the Object 263 important

An agile Soviet tier X tank destroyer equipped with an accurate cannon, the Object 263, with its high rate of fire, blasts its way into this latest On Track!

Light Delights

Enjoy x3 on your first victories this weekend and light up your enemies with discounts, missions and more all dedicated to light tanks!

Operation Bacon

Don't let the sweet scent fool you, there's XP rewards to be had in the missions inside!

Battle of Prokhorovka Weekend

A decisive battle that ultimately shaped the tide of the Eastern Front, prepare for Prokhorovka -- and new missions, vehicle discounts and unique Premium bundles!

On Track to the E 50 Ausf. M important

Part sniper, part brawler -- check out what makes the German E 50 Ausf. M uniquely capable of these roles and more!

Independence Day Weekend

Let freedom ring! We're pulling out the stops this holiday weekend with discounts, bonuses, and bundles to help you light up the battlefield like fireworks.

Month-Long Missions: July important

New Premium bundles and Missions are available for the month of July. Check it out!

Earning Your Stripes Weekend

Enjoy discounts and bonuses on mid-tier vehicles this weekend to help in the grind to the top!