News about various specials and events.

On Track to the IS-7 - Featuring the Churchill III

Lead the advance with this Soviet heavy tank - you'll find deep discounts and more!

Heavy Tank and XP Specials!

Battle behemoths are in the spotlight this week, plus get x3 XP on your first victories over the weekend!

TD and Crew Training Discounts!

Join us for special offers and rewarding missions involving Tank Destroyers and Crews!

Spot and Smash - Light Tank and Artillery Week

Join us for bonuses, discounts and rewarding missions for fast light tanks and furious artillery!

Happy New Year with Free Gold and Tank!

Log into World of Tanks to receive free Gold, then earn rewards for playing your holiday gift tank!

Heavy Blizzard

The storm rages on - get swept up in heavy tank specials!

Out With a Bang! Four Days of x5 & More!

One more wave of hot year-end bundles is now available!

On Track to the Waffenträger auf E 100 - Feat. Dicker Max

Enjoy discounts and bonuses on this line of powerful German tank destroyers!

Snow Camping - Tank Destroyer Bonanza!

Dig a snow trench for your TD and stay warm, you're sure to find discounts and missions!

Holiday Surprises!

A holiday gift tank and Czech-themed missions to celebrate the new line of medium tanks!