News about various specials and events.

Operation Lightfoot: Part II

Enjoy a x3 XP boost as British and German tanks go at it during our Operation Lightfoot weekend!

Operation Lightfoot: Part I

Make the most of a Crew XP boost and Mission rewards as we recall this fierce battle for the North African desert!

Seek and Destroy

It is the thrill of the hunt that truly exhilarates. This weekend, win the most dangerous game!

Fury by Name, Furious by Nature Special important

Fury is hitting theaters and World of Tanks -- take the eponymous tank to the battlefield and wreak havoc!

On Track to the Leopard 1

Take a look at the might and mobility of the Leopard 1, one of Germany's post-war battle tanks!

American Pride Weekend

Eat a piece of apple pie and celebrate your freedom as you bolster your fleet of American muscle.

Heavy Duty Weekend

Witness the destructive power of heavy tanks during Heavy Duty weekend!

Month-Long Missions: October important

Your mission for the month of October is to bring destruction and mayhem to your enemies!

Tank Racing! important

Vroom vroom! Race your Chaffee Sport to the end of the track to earn amazing rewards for a limited time!

On Track to the T110E3

Use hulldown tactics and your gun depression to turn the American T110E3 into an impervious behemoth!