News about various specials and events.

May's Light Tank and Artillery Week

Learn light tank and artillery tactics, rent the T1E6 Light Tank and more!

Your Last Chance to Get the M41 90 GF and Turán III!

Grab these exciting Premium tanks before they're gone!

Win a Free Laptop During Heavy Tank Week!

Complete rewarding missions and rent the TOG II*, M 41 90 GF and more!

x5 XP During TD Week - Win a Free Laptop!

Enjoy x5 XP on daily first-wins and try out the Jagdtiger 8,8 or M 41 90 GF with our Premium rental missions!

Earn a Free Tank On Track to the STB-1!

Rule the battlefield with this fast-firing Japanese medium tank!

Win a Free Laptop During Medium Tank Week!

Embark on rewarding missions, then rent the Panther mit 8,8 and the M 41 90 GF and more!

5th Anniversary Special!

As World of Tanks in the Americas marks its fifth anniversary, get set to earn great rewards!

Rent the M41/90 GF and Earn a 1-Skill Crew!

And the M41/90 GF is in the Premium Shop all month long.

April Light Tank and Artillery Week + x3 XP Weekend!

Rent the M3 Light Tank and the new German M 41 90 and take on a massive series of rewarding missions!

On Track to the Maus

Tank tough with discounts on the way to this bricklike heavy tank!