News about various specials and events.

Earning Your Stripes Weekend

Enjoy discounts and bonuses on mid-tier vehicles this weekend to help in the grind to the top!

Soccer Battle Event

Take a look at the updated missions and make it count when you run up and down the pitch in our Soccer Battle mode!

On Track to the T110E4

A combination of a tank destroyer and heavy tank, the American T110E4 is highlighted in this latest On Track event!

Boot Camp Weekend important

Get ready for a crash course of the different vehicle types in World of Tanks. Enjoy Credit multipliers, Gold discounts and unique missions with special rewards!

Vive la France Weekend

We're showing a bit of love to our favorite blue-colored tanks -- the French. This weekend, enjoy bonuses and discounts regarding the French tech tree. Ça va?

On Track to the IS-7

Well-sloped armor with a saucer-like turret -- the hard-hitting Soviet IS-7 is the focus in this latest On Track event!

E3 Week!

Enjoy special missions and twice the Crew XP this week as we take part in the exciting expo: E3!

D-Day Weekend

We recognize this important day in history with new bonuses and other specials on a number of armored vehicles.

Month-Long Missions: June

The American T1E6, Credits and Premium time can be yours if you complete these new sets of month-long missions!

Last Chance Weekend

We're closing out Military Month with incredible discounts, missions and Premium Shop deals, and on top of all that, x2 XP on all victories!