News about various specials and events.

Independence Day Weekend important

Join us for a x5 first victory bonus plus discounts on equipment, vehicles, and more!

Canada Day! important

Celebrate Canada Day as we kick off Freedom to Play Month with the first of our Freedom Days! Details inside.

Gladiatorial Arena important

Prepare yourself for the battle arena this weekend, and earn x3 XP on your first victories and more!

Freedom to Play Month important

July is for freedom, and we're set to make it the biggest month for World of Tanks! Details on this prize and bonus-packed blowout!

Operation Bagration

Get set for an epic battle in the East with Operation Bagration!

Copa World of Tanks: Quarter-Finals important

Find out which tier VI vehicles are moving onto the quarter-finals of our month-long Copa World of Tanks contest!

Operation Brassard

Invade Elba with discounts, Missions, and bunker-busting bundles!

Second Personal Reserves for June

The second batch of special Missions to earn Personal Reserves has arrived!

Battle of Saipan

This battle led to a key strategic victory for the U.S. forces in the Pacific. Take a look at the latest specials lasting all weekend long!

Operation Perch important

Get off the beaches and into the towns as you secure your position with Operation Perch!