News about various specials and events.

Chinese New Year Tank Discounts!

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey with great discounts on Chinese tanks!

Includes Video! x3 XP on Big Game Weekend! important

Rewarding missions are here during the big game -- earn great prizes and treats for your Crews!

Light Tank/Artillery Bonus Week + 105 leFH18B2 Returns! important

Load up your light tanks and artillery for rewarding missions!

On Track to the Marathon Centurion Action X / FV 4202 (P) important

You'll find deep discounts and more as you flank and snipe in this nimble, powerful British medium tank!

Earn a Free FV4202 (P) in February! important

The British FV4202 makes a triumphant comeback as a tier VIII Premium tank -- Play the Centurion Action X, go forth and earn it!

Feb. Overview: Rent 2 New Premium Tanks and Earn a BIA Crew! important

Rent the Ripper without the fuss, then train your Crews and try the Mutz!

Medium Tanks and Equipment Week - Get the New M46 Patton KR!

A new medium tank joins the pack this week, plus enjoy discounts on equipment and more!

Tiger Hunt - Win a Tiger Patton!

Hunt down enemy Tigers and Pattons for your chance to win the M46 Patton KR "Tiger Patton"!

On Track to the IS-7 - Featuring the Churchill III

Lead the advance with this Soviet heavy tank - you'll find deep discounts and more!

Heavy Tank and XP Specials!

Battle behemoths are in the spotlight this week, plus get x3 XP on your first victories over the weekend!