News about various specials and events.

Celebrating Mexico's Independence with Flags and XP important

Wishing our Mexican friends a happy Independence Day!

New Medals and Emblems for 100 Years of Tanks important

Add some polish to your service record in honor of the Mark I!

Flags and Crew XP to Commemorate Brazil's Independence important

Wishing our Brazilian friends a happy Independence Day!

Get the T-44-100  - Extended by Seven Days! important

It's a month-long marathon to earn the newest medium tank!

Labor Day Discounts for Consumables and XP Conversion important

This weekend, get x2 Crew XP and Personal Reserves with new missions.

Inside Heavy Tanks with the Chieftain important

Ram enemies in enormous heavy tanks!

Third Thursday Throwdown with Rheinmetall Skorpion Rentals! important

On August 18, take the SU-100Y or the Rheinmetall Skorpion for a test drive.

Summer Play Extravaganza - x5 XP

Plus a Garage slot sale and more!