News about various specials and events.

Lair of the Tanksquatch

Embark on a quest for the legendary Tanksquatch amid a rain of XP, Missions and more!

Monsters of Competition - x3 Crew XP Celebrating the WGLNA Finals

Get in the spirit of competition as we prepare for the WGLNA Season I Finals!

Monster Mayhem: An XP Spooktacular in October! important

Channel the monster within you for this month-long XP and Gold-amassing event!

On Track to the Object 430 - Plus a Matilda IV Mission important

We've got discounts, bonuses and bundles to help you on your quest for this sneaky Soviet medium tank.

Tanks Through Time: The Conclave Must Pay

What a twist! Fight back this week and get great consumables, plus your last chance to grab the Ancient Weapons!

Tanks Through Time: Knights to Remember

The treasure hunt seems unending, but The Conclave doesn't lose sight of its goals. See what's in store this week!

Tournament Training - Team Battle Missions with Great Rewards!

Rack up the damage like a pro in Team Battles and get great consumables or equipment!

Tanks Through Time: A Pirate's Life for Me

Our team of treasure hunters moves on to search for Blackbeard's treasure! Surely another Ancient Weapon awaits...

On Track to the STB-1 - Plus a Chi-Nu Kai Mission

We're offering discounts, bonuses and bundles on your climb to this deadly Japanese medium tank!

Mexican Independence Day - Get a Flag Emblem!

Celebrate a proud day for Mexico with XP and a flag reward!