News about various specials and events.

Lifting of the Blockade of Leningrad important

With new discounts and missions available, it's a perfect time to counterattack!

Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad

Earn x2 Crew XP this weekend as we honor the fight for Leningrad.

Battle of Luzon important

January marks the beginning of an 8-month battle for the largest island in the Philippines which ultimately saw Allied victory.

Midweek Bonanza! important

Earn XP and Consumables with special missions this week!

New Year Marathon important

2014 was one heck of a year -- Let's celebrate with discounts, bonuses and missions that will blow your mind!

Warm Up Engines Event

Enjoy the latest Missions and Premium bundles as you rev your engines for battle!

Winter Wunderland Missions

We've conspired, in a dream by the fire, a pair of missions to help you face the week unafraid, o the plans that we've made, for this Winter Wunderland.

First Use of the M4 Medium Weekend

With Credit discounts on multiple U.S. mediums and the latest Missions, there's no reason not try the legendary M4!

Tanksgiving Weekend important

After the feast is done, join us in celebrating Tanksgiving with plenty of discounts and a x5 XP multiplier!

On Track to the Object 261 important

Fire and relocate -- that's definitely a possibility with the mobility and accuracy of this tier X artillery!