News about various specials and events.

Battle of Bautzen Weekend

Soviet and German vehicles get the spotlight in this weekend's packed event!

Hail to the King!

Elvis is back! Take a look at these bonuses, missions and bundles all in name of the King!

9.0 Historical Battle Missions

Curious about the all new Historical Battle mode in 9.0? Try it out now, and you could collect some great rewards by completing these missions!

On Track to the Waffenträger auf E 100

A deadly combination, anti-aircraft weaponry mounted on an E-100 chassis, can be yours to command!

World of Tanks 3rd Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza important

This weekend marks the third anniversary of World of Tanks, and we've got a great lineup of events, missions and Premium Shop bundles--including x5 XP for your first victory!

Viva la Winners of WGL!

North American eSports prowess has resulted in a special event!

World of Tanks Turns Three!

It's World of Tanks' third anniversary in the Americas. Join us as we celebrate with a host of fun events!

Tank-O-Mania Weekend

This weekend we're celebrating the eSports Grand Finals with discounts, bonuses and 7v7 missions!

Top Secret Tank Event

[UPDATE: Karl Lives!] We're giving players a once-in-a-lifetime chance to check out a new vehicle in World of Tanks! Details inside!

On Track to the T110E3

This robust tank destroyer lies at the top of this On Track Event!