The real tanks, from Wargaming America's resident in-house tanker.

The Chieftain's Hatch: The Wonderful World of Yoh

Another report from the US National Archives, The Chieftain reveals some newly declassified designs from the 1950s.

The Chieftain's Hatch: What's in a Name? Part 2

Continuing from an article several weeks ago, contributors add to the confusion on just why some AFVs are called what they are.

The Chieftain's Hatch: Panzers at Puffendorf

At Operation Think Tank 2012, Harry Yeide mentioned the battle at Puffendorf as one of the few fights that included a large number of American and German tanks, and that you didn’t hear much about it because the Yanks got their butts kicked. Here’s what happened...

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Comet Pt4

The fourth, and final, part of the tour of the Comet Tank takes us into the turret.

The Chieftain's Hatch: Archive Oddities

The Chieftain turned up some unusual documents during his trips to the US National Archives.

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: A34 Comet, Part 3

It's time to take a closer look at the crew compartment of the T34 Comet.

The Chieftain's Hatch: US Tank Guns

General Barnes, head of the Ordnance Branch's R&D department, wrote a review of US tank gun development through 1944.

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: A34 Comet, Part 2

Part 2 of the Comet overview covers track adjustment and the engine compartment.

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Comet Pt1

Our nuts and bolts video tour moves across the Atlantic