News about updates, new gameplay features and maintenance works carried on the game server and community website.

Tank Sale - Jan. 26-31 important

Get into the game and take advantage of these discounts while they last!

First Details of Update 7.2 important

The In Development page has been updated with the first details of the upcoming 7.2 update.

Community Gathering: New Orleans 26JAN

Announcing the New Orleans Gathering in early 2012.

World of Tanks Fansite Kit important

Take the opportunity to use your creativity and build your own World of Tanks fansite!

Type 59 In-game Store Removal important

An important update on the in-game store availability for the Type 59.

Clan Wars Update important

Clan Wars will be returning today as planned, but the fog of war feature will be delayed due to technical issues.

Spaced Armor Adjusted important

A hotfix to the way spaced armor absorbs damage.

Clan Wars Return on January 9 important

Clan Wars and Global Map will return on January 9.

Version 7.1 Public Test #2 Stop important

The test server of 7.1 update will be stopped at 12:00 UTC, January 5.

Update v.7.1 Has Been Released Successfully! important

World of Tanks version 7.1 has been released on the North American cluster on January 5, 2012.