News about updates, new gameplay features and maintenance works carried on the game server and community website.

World of Tanks: Operation Undead

It's tanks versus zombies in a fun new exclusive minigame!

Get a Tier VIII Premium Tank When You Gear Up! important

A beast of a bonus code containing a tier VIII Premium tank awaits those who choose to live the stylish life.

Florida & Texas Player Events

The Warhawk will be quite active as he travels to two players gatherings in Florida and a meet and greet in Texas!

Wargaming Livestreams from PAX East!

Wargaming is rolling out to PAX East. Tune in for the livestream 11am - 3pm PST each day!

Convert Free XP to Crew XP important

Give your Crews the edge they deserve by converting your excess Free XP to Crew XP!

World of Tanks is Coming to Xbox One!

Your favorite AAA multiplayer tank combat game is gearing up for release on Xbox One!

Overwolf's Twitch App Challenge Sponsored by Wickr

Put your coding skills and love of gaming to work; over $25,000 in prizes are up for grabs!