News about updates, new gameplay features and maintenance works carried on the game server and community website.

4th Anniversary Player Gathering - San Diego, CA

World of Tanks' NA birthday is coming up -- join us for a festive time in SoCal!

Waterworld of Tanks: Float Out!

Thrilling online combat under the waves is approaching! First details!

The Sky is Falling!

A different kind of airstrike is hitting the ground; one to brighten up the World of Tanks skies!

World of Tanks: Operation Undead

It's tanks versus zombies in a fun new exclusive minigame!

Get a Tier VIII Premium Tank When You Gear Up! important

A beast of a bonus code containing a tier VIII Premium tank awaits those who choose to live the stylish life.

Florida & Texas Player Events

The Warhawk will be quite active as he travels to two players gatherings in Florida and a meet and greet in Texas!

Wargaming Livestreams from PAX East!

Wargaming is rolling out to PAX East. Tune in for the livestream 11am - 3pm PST each day!

Convert Free XP to Crew XP important

Give your Crews the edge they deserve by converting your excess Free XP to Crew XP!