Contests, in-game happenings, and various events held within World of Tanks.

Copa World of Tanks: Winners!

Cromwell or Hellcat? Which of these came out of the intense competition with the highest battle count of the Americas? Find out!

Copa World of Tanks: Finals

The moment has arrived! We're down to the final two vehicles facing off to see which tier VI has the highest battle count in the Americas!

Copa World of Tanks: Semifinals

The semifinals of our Copa World of Tanks contest kick off today! Find out which tier VI vehicles are moving on to becoming the most dominant tier VI of the Americas.

Copa World of Tanks Contest important

An exciting competition pitting the most popular tanks of the Americas against each other!

Wargaming's Own - June: Tier VI important

Wargaming's Own is advancing its focus to the best in Tier VI!

Win a PC with Nvidia Shadowplay!

Use Nvidia Shadowplay and share your gameplay videos for the chance to win a modded PC!

Contest: World of Tanks Diorama with Sketchfab

We've teamed up with Sketchfab to give you the opportunity to create 3D dioramas and win great prizes!

Wargaming's Own - May: Tier V! important

Our new, year-long contest moves into its second month and steps up to tier V!

Predict Results and Hunt for In-Game Codes with Razer!

In anticipation of the League Grand Finals, Razer is offering you the chance to predict results to win codes and prizes!

Alienware Presents: Grand Finals Scavenger Hunt

Hunt down answers and win prizes in this devilishly difficult eSports quiz!