War tides from World of Tanks battlefields: news about holidays, specials, meetings and other events happening within the game project.

J!NX Holiday Special Offer important

Don't let these exclusive items slip away!

9.13 Public Test important

Try out new features planned for the next World of Tanks update for a limited time!

Dress Yourself in World of Tanks with Musterbrand

Check out Musterbrand's high-quality World of Tanks-themed collection of apparel!

The New World of Tanks Tankopedia

Check out World of Tanks' new Tankopedia available now on our website!

New French Medium Tank: M4A1 Revalorisé

Learn the ins and outs of this new French Premium medium tank!

World of Tanks Magazine: A Player's Family WWII Story

Rick Christie's story about his father's service to the Canadian Army in World War II.

Best Buy Holiday Bundles

Purchase a qualifying PC and receive codes for WoT and WoWS!

Armor Changes in 9.12 HD Models

Check out the adjustments made to some of Update 9.12's featured HD tank models!

Update 9.12 is Here!

New map for Rampage mode, PvE mode for beginners, and more!

Rampage Personal Missions

The second campaign of Personal Missions is arriving with Update 9.12!