Game Controls


  • Use keys W, A, S, D to move your vehicle
  • Press R/F to enable cruise control
  • Press R twice to switch to full speed forward
  • Press F twice to switch to full speed reverse


  • Left-click to fire
  • Press Space to stop moving


  • Right-click a target to enable auto-aim
  • Right-click outside the target or press E to disable auto-aim


  • Move the mouse or use cursor keys to control the camera
  • Scroll the mouse wheel or press PgUp/PgDn to zoom in/out
  • Hold Right Mouse Button to prevent the turret from following the reticle


  • Use keys 1-3 to switch between shells
  • Use keys 4-6 to choose consumables. Select the damaged module to repair it, or the injured crew member you want to heal

Battle Chat

  • Press Enter to activate the chat
  • Press Tab to cycle through your chat options (team, all, platoon)
  • Press Enter to send a message to your selected option
  • Press Esc or Left-click outside of the chat field to close it