March 2017 Tournament Calendar

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Tier VIII Weekly 5V5   Tier VIII Weekly 5v5   Tier VIII Weekly 5v5 Clan Call to Arms - Sand River  
  Tier IV Platournament    Tier IV Platournament    Tier IV Platournament   
      Tier VI 1v1 Throwdown    Tier IX 1v1 Throwdown   
Tier V Weekly 5V5   Tier V Weekly 5v5   Tier V Weekly 5v5 Clan Call to Arms - Paris  
  Tier VII Platournament    Tier VII Platournament    Tier VII Platournament   
      Tier VIII 1v1 Throwdown    Tier V 1v1 Throwdown   
Tier II Weekly 5V5   Tier II Weekly 5v5   Tier II Weekly 5v5    
    Map Exhibition - Airfield
  Tier V Platournament    Tier V Platournament    Tier V Platournament   
      Tier VII 1v1 Throwdown  II  Tier III TD 1v1 Throwdown    
Tier IV lWeekly 5v5   Tier IV Weekly 5v5   Tier IV Weekly 5v5  
        March Mapness!
  Tier X Platournament    Tier X Platournament       
      Tier VI 1v1 Throwdown       
Tier VII Weekly 5v5   Tier VII Weekly 5v5   Tier VII Weekly 5v5 Clan Call to Arms - Fisherman's Bay  
  Tier VI Platournament    Tier VI Platournament    Tier VI Platournament   
      Tier IX 1v1 Throwdown    Tier IV 1v1 Throwdown   


1v1 Throwdown

Players battle each other one-on-one to determine who is the best within their group. The top 7 teams in each group will earn a gold prize, with the first place team earning a cool500 ! Tournaments are Thursdays at 5 pm PT and Saturdays at 1 pm PT. 

Let the "Throwdown" begin! The Throwdown on Thursday, March 9 features tier VIII tanks. With so many regular and Premium tanks, the possibilities are endless!

A mid-tier favorite, the Throwdown on March 11 features tier V tanks!

3.09.17 Tier VIII Throwdown ♦ 3.11.17 Tier V Throwdown ♦ Forum Discussion

3v3 Platournament

Three-on-three tournament that happens every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 6:30 pm PT / 9:30 pm ET. Players can register as a full team or sign up as a solo player. If you sign up solo we'll add you to a team after registration closes!

The Platournaments also offer special tournament matchmaking. Groups will be balanced with teams with a similar tournament rating, giving you the best chance to earn gold!

Next week, grab your favorite tier VIII tank and head into the fray. The top team in each group can earn 600  with half the teams in each group walking away with a prize!

Mar. 7 Tournament ♦ Mar. 9 Tournament  ♦ Mar. 11 Tournament  ♦ Forum Discussion

Weekly 5v5

With five players per team, this weekly tournament runs Monday through Friday. The Weekly 5v5 format has changed in 2017. Teams only play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday is a group stage round. Teams then play a single elimination playoff bracket on Wednesday and Friday. The top 2 teams in each group play the Upper Playoff, while teams ranked 3 - 6 will play in a Lower Playoff.

The top teams at the end of the tournament can earn up to5,000. Battles start at 6:00 pm PT / 9:00 ET each day.

From Mar. 6th - 10th, tier V tanks will take to Himmelsdorf to battle for glory, honor and gold! Which tanks will you choose to lead your team to victory?

Registration ♦ Tournament ♦ Forum Discussion

Clan Call to Arms

One day clan tournament with prizes going back to the clan. Teams are allowed up to four legionnaires (players from outside the main clan); all others must be from the clan. Teams can choose to participate in Champion (tier VIII) or move up to Absolute (tier X) for larger rewards.

On February 18th the Call to Arms is back with more action. Teams of 15 will duke it out on Paris, with only the best coming out on top. The top dog in Champion (tier VIII) can earn up to12,000  to the Clan Treasury and100,000 per player. Ready for more of a challenge? Winning the Absolute (tier X) version will net a team 24,000 for the Clan Treasury and 250,000 per player!

Do you have what it takes to answer the Call to Arms?

Absolute Tournament ♦ Champion Tournament ♦ Forum Discussion

Clan Map Exhibition: Airfield

The Map Exhibition is a series of tournaments that allow Clans to face off for the chance to earn huge Clan prizes - including up to 100,000  for the Clan Treasury! Starting February 22nd, Clans battle across Siegfried Line, with only one Clan being named the top dog.

One of the oldest Clans is on fire! Winning the first two Map Exhibitions of 2017, Guerrillas is the Clan to beat. Watch their 3:2 victory over VILIN! Will they remain Champion in March or does your Clan have what it takes to conquer them?

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