Joining a Clan

To participate in Clan Wars you must be a member of a clan. If you have already chosen a clan to join, you should start with an official application.

To easily find the clan most closely matching your preferences, go to Community > Recruiting Station (see Recruiting Station).


Applying to a Clan

To apply to a clan:

  1. Go to Community > Clans.
  2. Find a clan you wish to apply to and click .
  3. Compose a message to the clan officers. This message will accompany your official application.
  4. Click Apply.Your application is sent to clan officers.

You can send up to 100 applications per day.

If the clan has disabled official applications, the icon is inactive.

Accepting Invitations

You can see all the invitations you have received in My Profile > Invitations. Each invitation is valid for 24 hours. After 7 days, all invitations are deleted automatically.

To accept an invitation, click Accept > Yes. You join the clan with the rank of Recruit.

To join another clan, you have to leave the current one.

Leaving a Clan

To leave the clan:

  1. Go to My Profile > My Clan.
  2. On the menu click Leave Clan > Yes.

After you leave the clan, you cannot apply to other clans for 48 hours.