[DHT] Danger Hardcore Team

Honor-respect -victory

Created: ---

---Clan members requirements--
tier VII minimum-1tier 8 recommended
3k battles minimum-
clan war experience--+++
raidcall id --752808
we play tournaments on regular basis ---Be ok with being a part of it ---we need active tournament players
--------Honor -------
based on personal experience honor is the key of success
Respect is a fundamental attitude in DHT clan
if you don't like victory please look for another clan

As the commander of DHT I will do my best to bring you to the top .
While being a casual clan I'm expecting you to bring a positive addition to the 3 fundamental rules--honor-respect-victory
A good team spirit and friendly attitude is mandatory.(even toward the enemy).
if you think you have the profile to join DHT ...then lets join
lets make a difference!

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