[-LP-] Lethal Penetration

No hole? We make one!

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Diplo contact: Kishrin, Grafitivoid or LordCaiden23

Recruiting contact: Grafitivoid, ttmm3 or any other recruiter.

Minimum Requirements:
-Tier 8 Non-Prem
-2k battles min
-Active 2 days a week at least. (Active meaning you are on teamspeak + in-game)
-18+ (however speak to a Deputy Commander if you are younger.)
- TS3. No Mumble, No Ven

Recruitment is Open

Must have Teamspeak 3 and be on at all times when playing the game!

We hope to be competitive in Clan Wars. We are all about having fun as a team.

Even if you don't join our clan, but you want to platoon, team battle or tank with us, just message us and we can direct you to our teamspeak and you can have loads of fun! :D


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