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This is the official Reddit clan wars training clan.

For Reddit's flagship East Coast clan wars, see RDDT

For feeder clan wars, see

For social platooning, companies, strongholds and tournaments, try RDTT2, RDDT3, RDDT6, RDDT7, PIR8, BLITZ or RDDTX.

Join us on Teamspeak at .

Visit us online at the World of Tanks subreddit

Each applicant must have Teamspeak3, a working microphone and a Reddit account.
Miniumum of 1 Tier 9 and prgressing towards a tier 10. 1100 30 / 60 day with a trend towards improvments
All applicants will be judged on their individual merits after platooning with clan members.

Military Personnel (68) Data as of

# User Name Position Joined