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Semper Prima Tertia!

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Welcome to the HQ clan of 3rd Army Group! We are a sub division of the 3rd Army Living Historians. From real world reenactments to ingame tournaments and clan wars-we are a very active brotherhood of gamers. We are a drama free environment and are looking for tankers who have a good sense of humor, loyalty, and some grit in their teeth! With that being said our requirements are as follows.

1. Must have ts3 and be online when ingame!
2. Must register with us on our forum
3. Tier 8-10 tanks in garage
4. Take orders even if it means your tanks certain death
5. Be able to hit the "barn side of a broad" or side of a t-95/ or which ever comes first.
6. Active from (central t-zone) hours of 6pm- 11pm most evenings
7. Prefer a w/r of 48 n up
8. Must speak English!!-(we don't understand Klingon....we really don't)
9. This is an adult clan 18n UP
10. NO "eors" allowed! wini-the poo would get lonely=P

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