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Semper Prima Tertia!

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Hello and Welcome to the home of the 3rd Army Group. We are a World of Tanks gaming clan associated with the 3rd Army Living Historians, and are made up of all walks of life from the military historians to the average blue collar worker. This is a co-founded clan organized from the logistics to tactical command. We have a healthy core group of players online most evenings, and host events most every weekend. The leadership of this clan takes a lot of personal pride in the lvl of mutual respect we maintain for all members and players alike. In this we ask that all who register with the gaming division be a minimum of 18 yrs of age and have access to teamspeak 3. Above all remember that World of Tanks is a game and the sole purpose of a game is to have fun. As the clan leader I would personally like to invite you to get registered and join us on teamspeak and discover why some clans play for gold, some for fame, and we play for BACON!!!


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