[RDDT9] RDDT9: The Ninth Official Reddit Clan

"We're just not that good!"

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Welcome to RDDT9, the 9th member of the r/worldoftanks family of clans. As a Clan Wars training clan we play just about every competitive game mode you can think of, Team Battles, Tank Companies, Clan Wars, and WGA Tournaments. Come hang out with us at redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com (TS3 Required), and join us on the battlefield.

Basic requirements:
-TeamSpeak3 and mic
-Reddit (www.reddit.com) account

Recruitment Requirements

(1) Have a WR above 48%.
(2) Have a overall WN8 of at least 800
(3) Have a 30 day WN8 of at least 900-1000
(4) Have played at least 5000 battles
(5) Have a Tier 9 and preferably a Tier 10
(6) Complete an interview with a designated recruiter
(7) Be able to use Teamspeak.
(8) Have a www.reddit.com account

Please Visit us at www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks to get a full list of the Clans

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