[SORU] Soviet Russia

Let the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Be Victories !

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We are a community of players that is slowly trying to advance to Clan Wars.
We are looking for active players that are will be willing to be involved in Clan Wars.
We are also looking for active players to be Active in Tournaments, Team Battles and Tank Companies.
We are The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and We will not give up fighting !

If you are Interested in joining , you must have:
Tier 10 Tank or Tier 8 and will to get to Tier 10 !
Win rate: 50%+
WN8: 1000+ or Eff: 1000+
Must know English or Russian very well
Active on TeamSpeak Server ( No Mic Required )

Our TeamSpeak:
Come and Find MegaMaxs or Officers to Join!

Our Recruiting Forum Topic can be found here

Our Tournament Teams:
Soviet Russia ( Very Stronk )

Military Personnel (55) Data as of

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