[NAFTA] North American Free Tankers Alliance

teamwork comes 1st

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We are a small clan in the game of World of Tanks. We are always looking to grow and add new members to our clan. Our core beliefs are Respect, Teamwork, and having Fun.

Respect: We require all NAFTA Clan members to treat everyone with respect.

Teamwork: Our clan is dedicated to helping all clan mates maximize their skill sets. We pursue this though voluntary participation in platoons, training companies, tank companies, participate in tournaments in World of Tanks, and hold Clan only events where clan members can win Gold.

Fun: Our clan tries never to lose sight of having Fun. We do not require that members participate in any event. We only require that if you sign up for an event, you make sure you participate. You must have Team Speak 3 installed and a working mic so we can talk to each other. Apply at our website for clan membership. Tank you and have fun

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