[GBA] Americans for the Constitution

Honesty, Loyalty, Humility and the Love of our Country

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This is a Clan that believes in:
Freedom and Liberty.
Constitution of the United States of America.
Honesty - Be truthful with yourself. Do not rumor monger or mislead others,
as you will destroy your own image and the Clans image within the community.
Loyalty - Support your clan and all its members. By working together we are all stronger.
Humility - Be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. There is nothing worse than a
sore loser or an arrogant victor.
And the ability to speak English

If you want to change our Constitution, or Voted for the current Campaigner and Chief
Have a foul mouth and can not figure out how to use Teamspeak3, Please Do Not Apply.
Must Read All Clan Rules and understand Website Link
Be TS3 when playing the Game. Team Speak 3 address .....
All positions in the clan are shown on Teamspeak, NOT on our roster below.
Must be 17 yrs or older or be sponcered
Thank You and God Bless America

Military Personnel (68) Data as of

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