[SYND] Syndicate Domination

United We Stand.... Divided We Fall!

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We are all about the tournaments. Skirmishes, Blitz's, Weekend Battles, E sports, and Clan Wars.
First and most important is TEAM work. We will play in every tournaments that comes up. So we have players that are dedicated to just tournaments.

We are now recruiting for our Clan Wars team. Same thing as above. TEAM WORK comes first, if you can't play as a team you are not a good fit for this clan. If you have drama problems, you are not meant for this clan. We only want to exceed at what we play in.

To Join up you're going to need the usual specific stats and meet the minimum requirements.
18 years of age
Use Teamspeak3 while online
Have 2 Tier 8 tournament ready tanks
50% win rate
* 1200 WN7

*We require that you be active (3 days min.), activity is a must, you will be booted from clan if inactive.


Any Questions contact -CanadianBacon79

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