[PIR8] Taco Pirates of the 8th Sea

In Search of Booty!

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The Official Reddit Tournament Social Clan!

This Clan has the following MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
- Headset with mic
- Be on and active on Teamspeak at least once a week
- TeamSpeak at redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com
- Tournament viable tank for tiers 5-8
- Active user of the World of Tanks subreddit

- 30/60 Day W/R - >50%
- 30/60 Day WN8 - 1100
- Minimum 2000 Battles

We are a tournament clan first and foremost with some team battles, tank companies, and platooning.

Applications must include the following:
- Reddit username:
- WOT username:
- Highest tier tank:

Military Personnel (94) Data as of

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