[GOD5] Grumpy Old Dogs

Old Timer Club

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We are a group of players, mostly over 40 years old, that enjoy a social and fun environment. We are not looking for any teenagers, drama queens or inactive trolls. This is a very mature clan that is seeking the same.We use Team Speak for comms and monitor players & their progress & try to help them have fun on their way up.

*Age requirement of over 40 (but with the right applicant may be willing to accept slightly younger recruits but not under the age of 30)
*Minimum requirement of 500 battles at least.
*1 week probation period before being officially brought onboard as a member.
*Having TS3 or willing to download it (Communications is a MUST).
*No need to be told how to drive your tank, just where to go with it so you can "do your thing"... So YES, skill is important.
*We do not participate in Clan Wars. But we do have weekly Stronghold battles, 7/42 battles, tournament play & constant platoon actions.
*What we do offer is a GREAT SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT.

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