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Straight Out of Hell and Into the Crapper

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Welcome to RDDT6!

RDDT6 is a Jack-of-all-Trades stepping stone clan within the Reddit family of clans. Our main focus will be on platooning, medium tank companies, and general game training. RDDT6 has and always will be a place for new recruits and seasoned veterans to play tanks at their own pace in a friendly and open atmosphere. We do not participate in clan wars matches regularly, however there are occasions where we will as a training tool.

Recruitment requirements:
Teamspeak usage is required, however it is not a requirement that you must be online every time you play.
Active participation in discussions within the clan subreddit and the in-game chat. An active reddit account is required.
Game activity within 30 days.
Willingness to platoon with others and willingness to help others learn the game if already experienced.
Respect others within our clan and any other clan.


Teamspeak: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com

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