[FTRP] F Troop

If it's not fun, "F" it!

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We are actively recruiting tier 7 and higher tanks, tier 6 or higher arty, age 18 and up players. We are currently interested in honing the skills of moderately experienced tankers into soldiers who desire to be 'clanwar' equipped. If you're a mid-tier tanker and looking for a clan to help build your skills and tactical knowledge, and you're also committed to developing your tank inventory to a tier 9 and 10 level, then you should consider F Troop as a proving/training ground.

Our members are fun, dedicated, and serious about the game. We are believers in team building spirit.

We have a dedicated Teamspeak 3 channel available to all members and guests of members, it is a requirement that all members be able to use this service.

We are a no drama clan who's primary goal is to have fun!

If this sounds like a clan you'd like to be part of, and you meet the requirements, we'd love to have you.

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